Tuesday, February 6, 2018

#Review: MORE OR LESS A MARCHIONESS by Anna Bradley

4 of 5 stars

Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, has proposed to Miss Iris Somerset, a young lady he believes is meek and uncomplicated and will make an ideal wife. When Iris accidentally overhears a heated argument between Huntington and his ex-mistress, she decides to jilt him. Totally shocked by Iris's bold action, Huntington is surprised that he now is more interested in Iris than he ever was when they were betrothed.

I was not a fan of Huntington when he's first introduced. He was cold, indifferent and arrogant, but it seemed the more Iris rebuffs him, the more he's obsessed with her. She is the only lady he's ever known that begins to break down his emotional barriers. I loved Iris. She did all the right things a young lady of the first water is supposed to do and received an advantageous offer of marriage, but that young lady was not her true self and she could no longer pretend to be someone she's not. I loved how the relationship between Huntington and Iris slowly built over time. There was definitely no "insta-love"  and that is always a good thing. There was a few twists and turns in the book, but they didn't totally surprise me. All in all, this was a very enjoyable Regency romance.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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