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Interview with Natasha Brewer, BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
Biblical Proportions is a story about twin brothers who are music executives in their family business, the dynamics of this book was inspired by the story of Esau and Jacob from the Bible.  James and Edward are polar opposites, but they find themselves in the battle of a lifetime.  These two gentlemen where fighting the consequences of some bad choices and the only way out was to strengthen their faith and surrender to the will of the Lord.  They found their strength, peace, and their purpose along the way.
No, it is not a part of a series

Do you have a favorite character?
My favorite character in Biblical Proportions is Edward Shaw.  He is one of the main characters who made some bad choices in life.  Instead of folding or placing the blame on others, he accepted his role and worked consistently to make things better for himself and his family.

Briefly describe your journey in writing your first or latest book.
I treat my books like a project because my background is IT project management.  I do upfront planning which ultimately streamlines the writing process.  One example is that depending on what type of story I want to tell, I identify every peak/situation I want to happen in each chapter that will push my main character into reaching the overall goal/message of the book.  I always believe in planning the book before you start writing the book.

Are you currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books or do you have manuscripts that you will self-publish? Are you doing both?
No, I am not currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books.  I am working on my next book titled, There Was Power in the Pain, From the Pit to the Palace.  I am planning to self-publish that book too, but we shall see what the future holds.

What factors influenced your decision to self-publish your book(s)?
The following factors influenced my decision to self-publish my books: flexibility on when I completed and released my books; more control over what I wrote; the earning potential.

If you used a graphic designer/publisher’s designer, how involved were you during the creative process for your cover?
I was very involved in the creative process for my book cover.  I had a vision of what I wanted my book cover to be and the graphic designer brought it to life.  I picked how the characters looked and every element of the cover, except for the font.  The graphic design chose the font style that fit perfectly.  I am very pleased with the cover of Biblical Proportions

What is your writing process? Do you listen to music or do you like silence?
My writing process is very simple.  I am in my bed with music playing.  I don’t want anyone around me.  I want to be left alone with the laptop, music, and the print out of my chapter structure (my guide)

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
I outline my story and get very descriptive on the various peaks and situations that are going to take place in each chapter, including who will be involved.  This way works best for me, but I know authors who just go with the flow.  I have said it many times when people ask me for advice and that is you have to do what works best for you.

Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing?
Yes, I think hiring an editor is very important before you publish a book.  When you have written a book, you can become blind to the mistakes.  Having a professional to make the necessary correction to your work is critical.  Remember, you are what you put out to the world.  Always strive to move and work from a place of excellence.

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
In addition to writing books, I am a songwriter, music producer, and speaker.  I am passionate about sharing inspiring messages to the world through various mediums.  I also lead a daily renew your mind challenge on Facebook because I strongly believe that if you change your mind you will change your life.


Edward and James Shaw are twins who are successful executives at Rock Star Records.  The company that was started and operated by their father, Irvin, who is a well-known hip hop artist.  Edward has a great love for music and is focused on ensuring the success of the business, just like his dad.  James on the other hand has a great love for women and power.
Unfortunately, they were blindsided by the challenges of life which were of biblical proportions.  Edward found himself in the struggle of his life to save his marriage and his career after there had been some horrible choices made, while James found himself fighting for his freedom.

The only way for them to find their way through the drama, infidelity, damaged trust, addiction, meaningless sex, and betrayal was to build a solid relationship with God.  When Edward and James hit rock bottom mentally and emotionally, they found out who they were and what the Lord called them to do.  They both began to walk into their purpose realizing that although the storms came one after another, after another and almost took them out; they survived through the grace of God…

Take this journey with Edward and James and the rest of the Shaw family as they endure the many trials and tribulations of this life.

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Natashia Brewer is the established Resonation Entertainment Group in 2014.  Since the launch of her company, she has released many motivating and inspiring musical and literary projects, like:  The Infinite Love EP; Love Song the book; and Biblical Proportions.  When she isn’t creating music for upcoming projects, writing books, conducting interviews, or writing blog post, Natashia is a contributing songwriter for the charity Songs of Love, creating personalized songs for sick children.

In addition to being a published author, songwriter, and music producer, Natashia is a speaker who’s objective is to use her life’s testimony to uplift and inspire others.  Letting people know that they can change their lives if they change their minds.
Natashia is currently married with two children, and she resides in Maryland. 
Twitter:  @itstashiab
Instagram:  @itstashiab
Facebook:  @itstashiab
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