Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#Review: WAGERING FOR MISS BLAKE by Callie Hutton

  3 of 5 stars
Mr. Giles Templeton, third son of the Earl of Wexford, first saw Miss Suzanna Blake at a wedding and decides in that moment that she's the woman he'll marry. However, Suzanna, will only encourage men with a title. This sets up the battle of wills with Giles confident that he'll win her hand in the end.

This wasn't a bad book, but I didn't care for how arrogant Giles was in assuming just because he has decreed he'll marry Suzanna, that he would actually be able do it and Suzanna wasn't honest with Giles about her directive of marrying a man with a title. She let him and everyone believe that she was shallow in looking for a husband. There was a lot of internal dialogue throughout the book that was repeated over and over again. That got old pretty quick.

I have read other books by Ms. Hutton and while this one wasn't my favorite, I'll certainly read more of her books.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review and was not obligated to leave a review.

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