Friday, December 7, 2018

#Review: THE LAST DUKE by Jess Michaels

  4 of 5 stars
Christopher "Kit" Collins, the Duke of Kingsacre, has just lost his father and to make matters worse, his father hired Miss Sarah Carlton as governess to Kit's half-sister a few months before his death. Kit has disliked Sarah because of a momentary faux-pas to his friend Meg 3 years ago. Kit has had nothing but disdain for Sarah, but it's Sarah who offers Kit the most comfort on the loss of his father. Sarah's fall from grace of the ton culminated after her mother's death. Destitute and without any other options, she entered service. Now the man who loathes her holds her life in his hands. Will he dismiss her without a reference?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ms. Michaels invites the reader's into the innermost feelings of both Kit and Sarah and it makes them so relatable. While there's not a lot of action in the book, the plot moves along well as Kit tries to unravel his complicated feelings toward Sarah. It takes a near tragic accident for him to see clearly, but there are still obstacles to overcome. Kit and Sarah's path to each other is a bit rocky, but when they finally examine their feelings, they will realize that true love was only a heartbeat away.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review and was not obligated to leave a review.

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