Wednesday, February 6, 2019

#Review: THE HEART COLLECTOR by Barbara Russell

  4 of 5 stars

Isabel, Duchess of Sussex, breaks tradition when MI7 (Military Intelligence Seven) headquarters are located in her home. She trains with Victor and Jamie and hopes to become part of the investigation of the killer dubbed The Heart Collector. Isabel is an empath who can read others' emotions and she hopes that she can identify the killer. Victor, MI7's director, is hesitant to let Isabel help, but when the investigation runs into a dead end, he has no choice but to enlist Isabel's help. Her first task is to recruit the elusive Supernatural named Murk who's power can turn him invisible. Can they identify the killer before more Supernaturals are murdered?

This was an engaging story filled with twists and turns, many the reader won't see coming. I did have my suspicions who the killer was, but not exactly how or why the killer collected the hearts. The pacing is excellent although I thought the ending was a bit rushed especially the Epilogue. I enjoyed all the steampunk inventions based on modern day technology. Ms. Russell has written an impressive debut novel. Fans of steampunk and murder mysteries will definitely enjoy this story.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. 



Auckland, 1884. The Supernaturals are frightened. Despite being able to do extraordinary things like teleporting or lighting a fire with a stare, a serial killer, the Heart Collector, is slaughtering them. He rips their chests open and removes their hearts.

While other aristocratic, nineteen-year-old girls spend time dancing, Isabel trains hard to become an MI7 agent—Military Intelligence Seventh Division, a crime squad run by Supernaturals. The Heart Collector murdered her best friend, and enrolling at MI7 is the best way to help catch the killer.

Isabel senses other people’s feelings as if they were her owns. But MI7’s leader is too worried about Isabel’s safety to let her join the team. Eager to prove that her power is valuable, Isabel volunteers to meet Murk, a dangerous Supernatural man who can turn himself invisible. MI7 desperately tried to recruit him and failed.

She believes that her power is enough to convince Murk to become an MI7’s agent and help apprehend the Heart Collector. If he wants to attack her, his feelings will broadcast his intention, and she’ll be ready.
What Isabel isn’t ready for is to fall in love with the man who will collect her heart.

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