Saturday, April 10, 2021

#Review: DUKE OF DISREPUTE by Alexa Aston


  5 of 5 stars

Weston Wallace, Duke of Treadwell, has spent years bedding one woman after another earning him the moniker of Duke of Disrepute. He does nothing to dissuade this until even he has had enough of his wanton ways. Withdrawing from Society, Weston works as a laborer for a local family and finally learns the meaning of love and family. While on her way back to her in-laws estate after attending her parent's funeral,  Lady Elise Ruthersby and her daughter Claire are caught in a terrifying storm near Weston's estate and they are offered sanctuary while they recover from injuries. Weston is immediately drawn to the lovely Elise and wants to do everything in his power to win her love. Can Elise let down her guard and face her own growing feelings for the Duke of Disrepute?

I have been looking forward to Weston's story since reading the Duke of Charm and was not disappointed. We finally find out what happened with Weston and his former fiancee that sent him in a tailspin of an unrepentant duke for years. When he finally decides to turn his life around, he has a long climb out of a hole of his own making. Ms. Aston does a great job of teasing out details for both Weston and Elise. I absolutely loved how Weston bonded with Claire and the Ruthersby boys. That was sweet and it was good to see Weston's true personality shine. There are a few twists and turns before they reach their HEA that will keep readers turning the pages to the end.

I received a copy of the advanced reader copy and all opinions are my own.


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