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#SALE .99 THE VAMPIRE NIGHTLIFE BOXED SET by Debra L Martin and David W Small


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The Silver Cross, Book 1
There are two things Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows about killing vampires. Slicing off a head or a hit directly to the heart are the only surefire ways to kill one. Silver is their Achilles heel. A vampire never wears silver.

When she meets bartender extraordinaire, Damon Harte, her heart does a quickstep for the dark, hunky guy. She's learned the hard way that having a love interest in her line of work can be heart-wrenching. She's kept to herself for years, but something about Damon captivates her and draws her to him. When she learns Damon's devastating secret, she knows what she has to do: kill the man who has stolen her heart.

The Silver Double Cross, Book 2
Fresh off suspension for insubordination, Lt Detective Lacey Gardner is eager to get back to killing vampires. Reeling from the shock that her lover and soul mate, Damon Harte, was the former vampire king in Boston, she did the only thing she could—she shot him—twice.

Now Boston is under siege by a brutal new vampire king, and it's all her fault. The new king has declared the city's citizens fair game. The streets run red with victims' blood, and it's up to Lacey and her team to hunt down the rogue vampires and restore order. When Damon comes back to Boston offering to help, Lacey has a heart-wrenching decision to make. Will she open her heart to the man she loves or will she be forced to send him to his final death?

Excerpt from Silver Double Cross:

Amira came forward when they reached the circle. “Mr. Harte, please join us inside the circle and take off your shirt.”

Damon eyebrows shot up at the request. Amira smiled at his surprise and explained. 

“You’ll be wearing both crosses for the ceremony, and they need to stay in contact with your skin. At the same time, both crosses will need to be visible to the entire circle so we can focus on them.”

Damon walked to the altar and took off his shirt. “Do I lay down on this?”

Amira nodded. “Yes.”

She handed him the sapphire cross, and he put it around his neck and positioned it next to his ruby cross.

“It is imperative that you do not move and stay as quiet as possible,” Amira said. “There can be no distractions for this spell to work.” 

 As he lay down, the crosses suddenly seemed to have an otherworldly glow as the light from the candles hit them. Amira looked around at the circle of witches to ensure everyone was ready. As each nodded their readiness, she walked back to her place beside Anne. With a nod of her head, Anne began to chant softly. One by one, the candles flared in front of each woman as they joined in.  

Damon kept his eyes open, wanting to see everything they did, but his gaze remained glued on Anne. This was no mild-mannered farmhouse wife but a powerful witch. She guided her sisters in the spell. After nearly ten minutes, the chanting became louder, and he began to feel a slight tightness in his chest. Not undue pressure, but certainly like a heavy object had been placed upon him. The chanting continued, and the pressure became more intense, almost to the point of being painful. He had no idea if this was what he was supposed to be feeling, but he knew he had to remain still. 

Anne’s voice rose above the others as the chanting became louder still, and the pain became almost unbearable. He fisted his hands, trying not to move. It took all of his resolve to continue to be still. This was for Lacey, and it kept him pinned to the table. The chanting reached a crescendo, and the women raised their hands toward their crystals. One by one, the crystals lit up, and a beam of light from each of them surrounded him in a circle that undulated and pulsed with extraordinary power. As the most powerful witch of the circle, Amira was the fulcrum of the spell and moved forward with a large crystal pulsating in her hands. With a final incantation, she pushed her crystal into the circle of light, and her crystal stayed suspended within the circle.

Damon was assaulted with the most excruciating pain he’d ever felt. A cry tore from his throat, but the circle of light absorbed the sound. His body fought and struggled against invisible bonds that held him fast to the altar. The women continued chanting, and the circle began to condense along with Anne’s crystal and invaded his body while his cross was lit up in a brilliant flash. The concussive wave knocked the women to the ground as Damon moaned and writhed uncontrollably on the table. Amira was the first to regain her feet and tried to rush to Damon, whose limbs were shaking and jerking erratically. 

Anne grabbed her before she could reach him. “Amira, no” Anne yelled. “The spell must be completed without interference.”

“But it’s killing him,” Amira cried out in panic. “We must help him.”

Anne shook her head. “No, we cannot. Remember, if you interrupt now, he will surely die.”

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