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New #Romantic Suspense Release: DUSK by Maureen A Miller

Celebrate the release of DUSK with USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller


As a young girl, Amanda Newton witnessed the brutal murder of her parents. As an adult she is targeted by their murderer. 

Beautiful. Reserved. Mysterious. Amanda Newton, the CEO of BLUE-LINK, epitomizes control with her adept handling of the global company. But that control is threatened with a series of attacks against her. 

Ray Gordon, a former Navy SEAL is looking to open his own security firm. One more contracting job with BLUE-LINK would complete the funding. When he is hired to protect Amanda Newton, the Ice Queen herself, he never bargained on falling for her. 

Amanda has something her attacker wants. He has waited over twenty years to claim it, and he will destroy anyone close to her to get it. 

...but he's met his match in Ray Gordon. 

This is a standalone novel. You do not have to read the others in the series.

In addition for a chance to win an Amazon gift card, the author is giving away 3 digital copies of SHADOW, BOOK 1 in the series. Leave your email in the comment section and state whether you would like a .mobi or .epub version.

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What is BLUE-LINK?

BLUE-LINK is a fictional global company run by the enigmatic, Amanda Newton, a woman whose signature accessory is a blue diamond ring. The company is designed to assess risk for start-up entrepreneurs in foreign countries. Each book in this series is standalone and features the romance and danger encountered by the employees and associates of BLUE-LINK.

Amanda sat at her office desk with her arms crossed atop the mahogany surface. She glared at the oversized monitor facing her. A grid of six faces stared back, some diffident, some determined. In the upper right-hand corner, Claudia Eichmann from the Berlin office knit her copper eyebrows together as she spoke over the others. Her words were a split-second behind the movement of her lips due to the video conferencing software.

“You are the head of this company. The backbone. The heart. What if something were to happen to you?”
An imperceptible flaring of Amanda’s nostrils might disclose her heavy sigh. “Each of you is fully capable of running BLUE-LINK. You are directors. You are the heart and backbone of your branch. You are my panel of advisors, and I only surround myself with skilled personnel.”

“We appreciate that,” Claudia continued, “but I am sure I speak for the others here in saying that we’re certainly not your equal. None of us would have wanted to take on that Eclipse lawsuit. At the end of the day, it is your company, and you are the one personally vested.”

“You need personal security,” Benjamin Forsyth from Australia inserted. “Not a seventy-five year old man.”

Amanda bristled at the attack on George.

“There is nothing sinister behind the assault in the alley,” she countered. Or the attempted break-in. “It’s simply a consequence of being affluent.”

“You are indifferent to your power,” Gerald Williams from Los Angeles chided, “recklessly walking the streets−stopping at the pub on occasion.”

That the ebony-eyed man in the center panel was correct didn’t detract from her need for freedom. She walked a narrow line and she knew it.

One flick of the power switch to the monitor would eliminate their censure, but it would not fade the echoes of their points. She respected this panel. They wouldn’t be facing her right now if she didn’t.

“You recently used a security contractor with that Eclipse Line mess. He seemed very capable and very discreet,” Gerald from LA said. “We suggest that you bring him into the office for a consult. If you don’t speak to him directly, we just may−”

“You’ll call him in on my behalf,” Amanda quickly tested. Her cheeks burned, but her demeanor remained a practiced blend of glacial elegance.

Gerald’s shoulders came into view as he shrugged. “We have a vested interest in your well-being.”

Amanda drew in a long breath and stared down at the reflection of the sun off her diamond ring. It cast a thousand microscopic prisms skittering across the polished wood surface.

“I’ll take your suggestion under advisement. Allow me to confer with the police before I make any rash decisions.”

“Rash?” Claudia from Berlin hefted a burnished eyebrow. “This is not rash. This is something that should have been addressed long ago. To us you have always seemed larger than life.” The eyebrow fell. “But perhaps you are a tad human after all.”

About The Author:
USA TODAY bestselling author, Maureen A. Miller's first novel, WIDOW'S TALE, earned her a Golden Heart nomination in Romantic Suspense. Working in the software industry for fifteen years in a job that required extensive travel, Maureen chose to write during those lengthy airport layovers—escapism at its best. She is currently in the middle of a 3-book Romantic Suspense series featuring SHADOW, MIST, and DUSK.
Recently, Maureen branched out into the Young Adult Science Fiction market with BEYOND and the BEYOND Series. She is having fun keeping her head in the stars! When she's not writing, Maureen enjoys supporting other authors. She is the founder of, and its offspring JUST sites

...Okay, that's the official third-person bio. Now let me tell you the real story. I'm an avid Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan, basically a rare breed. I will eat anything with mozzarella on it. I'm still mourning the fact that Buffy is gone. I write because I like the power. In life we have so little control. In writing we have all the control.
I truly believe that I was a soul singer in my former life, which is interesting because I can't sing. But man, I can do a mean lip-syncing rendition of Midnight Train To Georgia! :)
If I haven't scared you away by now, you can find out more about me at  

Where to find Maureen
Find Maureen at her website

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#New Post-Apocalyptic Release: OUTPOST by Matthew Keith


In rural Kentucky, one hundred and sixty-one survivors of the apocalyptic Great Rains huddle inside a one-block, walled off section of town: a place they call Outpost.

It has been two years since the toxic rains fell, wiping out most of humanity and leaving the Earth's soil barren, devoid of life. The people of Outpost have managed to survive by working together, scavenging food from empty homes and businesses, guarding one another while they sleep.

They have persevered through their worst nightmare.
Or so they believed.

A stranger has come to them with a choice: they can come with him and be part of saving the world, but in doing so there is a strong likelihood they'll die. Or they can do nothing and hope some other community has the courage to do what they can't.

They've already suffered greater than they believed was possible, but many of them still want to fight, to join the stranger's cause. Others are skeptical. They don't believe the stranger's story and want nothing to do with furthering their own misery. They like things just the way they are... and they'll fight to keep it that way. Even if that fight is with those they call friend and neighbor.

Amazon buy link:

Author bio:
Matthew is originally from Brighton, Michigan. He now lives in Kentucky with his wife, two children, and their dog Elvis. He sings in a garage band with a group of friends- always rock 'n' roll- and absolutely loves a good movie.

His most popular novels, the Watchers series, have found their way onto over 50,000 Kindles, Nooks, and other eReaders.

To keep up with new releases or send a message, you can find his blog and mailing list at

Amazon Author page:

Stop by for a chat on Facebook

What readers are saying about the Watchers Series:
"I felt like I was trapped in a Dream ..."
"... action packed from beginning to end ..."
"It kept me up at night!"
"... didn't want to stop reading."

What readers are saying about Sway:
"... a gritty, compelling psychological drama."
"... Sway got me. That's all there is to it."
"... a well constructed and eloquent journey ..."
"... reminded me of some of my favorite movies like 'Angel Heart', 'Memento' and more recently 'Shutter Island.'"

#Excerpt: DOPPELGANGER by Camille Taylor

Camille Taylor
(Harbour Bay Series, #4)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: June 21st 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

A new killer has descended on Harbour Bay, and he’s already killed five women…
Bestselling author Megan Bailey is devastated when her young cousin Stacey goes missing. She’s been watching the news and knows what this might mean. Stacey could be the newest victim of Harbour Bay’s newest serial killer. Megan is determined to do something, and enlists the help of her friend, the superintendent of police, Amelia Donovan.

Amelia has her best detective on the case…Dean Matthews.
Dean doesn’t believe in love. It makes men weak and vulnerable, and as a retired soldier, he’s experienced enough heartache to last several lifetimes. He also has difficulty dealing with emotional women. So when he shows up to interview Megan at the request of his boss, he isn’t exactly looking forward to it. Except Megan isn’t what he expected.
Megan is intelligent, witty, and not to mention, beautiful. Dean tries to maintain a professional distance, but with a killer on the loose, he breaks all his rules and gets involved. He offers Megan comfort and promises he might not be able to keep.

The body count continues to rise and Dean’s leads are empty as ever…
When Megan disappears too, Dean knows his time to solve this case is up. He must unravel the twisted web of clues the killer has left behind or risk the one woman who might finally teach him to love again.
Previous books in the series:
NotForgotten Open Wounds by Camille Taylor DeadDontLie
**Grab book 3 for FREE on June 24th!*

A pair of startling green eyes caught his and Dean felt like he’d been kicked in the gut. His heart thumped heavily in his chest as little pin-pricks of awareness washed over him and he found he had trouble breathing. His muscles tensed even as his body hardened and began to throb painfully. He bit back a curse. He’d never had such a reaction to a woman before in his life.
Her gaze flicked between him and Nick as he brought up his I.D. and made the introductions. The woman nodded and stepped back, allowing them to enter. She closed the door firmly and turned to face them, her expression fraught with worry.
“I know who you are. I just got off the phone with Amelia. She told me you’d be coming,” she said, twisting her fingers together anxiously. When she caught him watching, she stuffed her hands into her snug jeans. “I’m Megan Bailey.”
He gave her a slow onceover, unable to help himself. He was curious about this woman and the overwhelming desire he had for her. The entire world seemed to melt away until all that was left was her.
She was beautiful in an understated way with a honey complexion and a small dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose. Rich mahogany hair had been pulled back into a messy ponytail. She wasn’t overly tall, the top of her head only reaching his shoulders, but she was nicely filled out with curves in all the right places, her breasts high and full beneath her shirt, which clung to her like a second skin revealing her tucked in waist and the flare of her hips. He swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry.
As if sensing his perusal, Megan glanced over at him and his knees weakened. Her eyes—those gorgeous emerald pools—pulled at him, so full of torment that his heart ached. Shit, this was crazy and so unlike him.
She blinked and he heard her sharp exhale, her mouth parted, and she looked so irresistible that he was sorely tempted to cross the short distance between them and find out if she tasted as good as she looked. He was at a loss, unable to pull away as she continued to stare at him. Was she feeling as out of control as him?
He forced himself back on track. He was here to work a case, not look for his next bed partner, and while Megan was quite delectable, she would hardly do. She wasn’t the type of woman a man fooled around with unless he had forever in his mind, and Dean Matthews didn’t do forever. No matter what his body was telling him.
He certainly wasn’t sex-starved, although it had been a while since he had hit the sheets with a woman. The case was taking up all his time, and he couldn’t think of anything else even when he had a rare moment alone to sleep. It was disconcerting and he wasn’t sure he liked it, bringing about feelings he’d long ago rejected.

Author Bio:
Camille Taylor is an Australian author who resides in the Nation's Capital with her small dog. She was the typical 90's kid and was raised on Goosebumps, Roald Dahl and Paul Jennings. In her teens she began reading the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie and in later years found Christine Feehan, Janet Evanovich and Julie Garwood.

She started writing at sixteen and enjoys spending time with her family, doting on her nieces and nephews, writing the many stories floating about her head and working on her genealogy where she can trace her heritage to England, Scotland, Ireland and Russia.

Her other interests include, anything creative - such as scrapbooking and drawing and has travelled across Western Europe, New Zealand and the UAE, after spending a year living in London. She's also dabbled in tae kwon do.

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#Review: My Lady, My Spy by Sheridan Jeane

    3.5 of 5 stars

 I have not read the previous stories in this series, but that did not take away from this book. The hero Frederick is a spy for the Crown. He's very good at his job, actually he's the top spy in the network. He's meticulous in his missions, that is, until he meets Lady Josephine. He's fallen hard for her and it affects his focus, but he's determined to meld the two sides of his life together. Lady Josephine is a widow and she's determined never to be manipulated by a man again after an unhappy marriage. She thinks Frederick is the love of her life, that is, until his actions puts her on edge with his disappearances. Can she ever trust him?

Ms. Jeane is a talented writer and while the story was well-written, I never understood the importance of retrieving the church register which was crucial to Frederick's mission. He would do anything to get it, even if it meant lying to Josephine, the woman he loved. Early on Josephine uncovers Frederick's secret life, yet she was still hurt by his disappearances and his lies. What did she expect? Her conflict was to be with a man who never lied to her, but spies must lie on a regular basis to complete the mission. Her angst didn’t resonate with me. However, the secondary conflict in the story was a nice twist.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Amazon buy link:

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Interview with Beth Fehlbaum, THE PATIENCE TRILOGY

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
Truth in Patience, the final book in The Patience Trilogy, finds sixteen-year-old Ashley Asher struggling with wanting to have a boyfriend like other girls are able to do, but struggling with the emotional and mental scars she has as a result of being sexually abused by her stepfather from the age of 8. She is safe now, living with her biological father, David, his wife, Beverly, and their son, Ben, in the small Texas town of Patience, but recovery from             childhood sexual abuse is a long, arduous journey. In addition, her mom comes knocking, wanting Ashley to return to living with her. Ashley must dig deep in order to find her voice. 

Do you have a favorite character?
Pre-recovery Ashley is very much me as a child and teen, because I was also sexually abused by my stepfather, and her stepmom, Bev, is my “teacher self.” I love all the supporting characters in Ashley’s life; even the ones who begin as unlovable generally reveal themselves to be flawed because they are human, not because they are truly unlovable.

Have you ever had a minor character evolve into a major one? Did that change the direction of the novel at all?
Many characters actually evolved over the course of The Patience Trilogy, but among the more notable are Marvella and Gabe Brown. Marvella, the Patience High School principal’s secretary, began as a foil for the boneheaded principal and warm-hearted comic relief, but she and her son, Gabriel, who was at one time a member of a White Supremacist organization, play a pivotal part in a major plot point in Truth in Patience.

Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?
I am traditionally published as well as published by small indy presses. My agent is Gina Panettieri of Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC. My book, Big Fat Disaster, is published by Merit Press/F+W Media. The Patience Trilogy is published by Steady On             Books, a small independent publisher.

How long before you got your offer of representation/your first contract? Was it for your first novel?
I was offered representation by Talcott Notch on my first round of
agent queries for Courage in Patience.

Are you currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books or do you have manuscripts that you will self-publish? Are you doing both?
I have a contract for another book with the publisher of Big Fat Disaster, and I anticipate publishing the non-fiction companion to The Patience Trilogy with Steady On Books, since that makes sense.

What is your writing process? Do you listen to music or do you like silence?
I sometimes work with music—usually Celtic instrumental—but I also playlist my books. Sometimes I prefer silence. It’s unusual for me to be able to concentrate and lose myself in my story if there are a lot of people around. I prewrite in my mind quite a bit then make interlocking webs of characters and what each of them want.

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
I wrote Courage in Patience without an outline but it went through dozens of revisions. In my subsequent books, I have outlined at least through the first 100 pages. After that, it’s a matter of knowing where I want to go next and figuring out how to get there.

Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing?
The fabulous Evelyn Fazio (!) edited The Patience Trilogy. She is phenomenal, insightful, and wonderful to work with!

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
My books are for sale in all brick-and-mortar and online channels.
They are accessible through all major distributors.

What kinds of marketing [twitter, facebook, blog, forums] are you involved with for promoting your book(s)?
I have a website, Beth Fehlbaum Books ; I’m on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Book & Author Details:
The Patience Trilogy by Beth Fehlbaum 
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Courage to endure.
Courage to survive.
Courage to overcome.

Tenacious 14-year-old Ashley Asher claws her way back to normalcy after enduring six years of an unimaginable Hell. Uprooted from her negligent and selfish mother, Ashley finds solace in the safety of her father’s home. Building a relationship with her stepmother, she’s finally able to open up and confront the past that haunts her.

With the help of her stepmom, therapist, and a group of troubled adolescents, Ashley battles her demons, struggling to find the normal teenage life she’s always wanted. Can Ashley find the strength and courage to overcome the horrors of her past while fighting for the future she so deserves?

Hope in Patience:
Hope to heal.

Hope to grow.

Hope to evolve.

Still shattered from the horrific events of her childhood years, 15-year-old Ashley Asher is barely holding it together. Battling her vicious and vile mother who still sees her as the villain and not the victim, Ashley’s stuck in a cycle of self-injury and self-hatred as a result--despite the many people who trying to pull her out of it.

Adolescence is hard, but throw in a new school, a new family, and a father she hardly knows, Ashley's need for self-destruction and pain intensifies. Her new therapist, Dr. Matt, may be unconventional with bizarre antics, but he'll do whatever it takes to pull Ashley out of the doldrums. Ashley just wants a crack at normalcy. But can her counselor and the friends and family who love her teach her that "crazy is the new normal" and that nobody has it easy?

Truth in Patience:

Truth in the past.

Truth in reality.

Truth for tomorrow.

Finally adjusting to life in small town Texas, Ashley Asher sees a glimmer of what happiness really is. Even her new relationship with the attentive Joshua Brandt shows promise of a first romance. But Ashley's fear of intimacy after years of unspeakable abuse may cause friction and distance in their relationship.

Determined to prove to her that she's healing, Dr. Matt, her beloved therapist, shows her that "life is messy." And he doesn't know how messy it is about to get. When her mother decides that Ashley belongs back in their hometown with her, Ashley is forced into another family feud that she isn't prepared for. Refusing to leave behind the new life she created in Texas, Ashley and her mother go head-to-head. But can Ashley finally find the courage and strength to battle her demons when her mother might be the biggest demon of all?



In addition to writing Young Adult Contemporary Fiction, Beth Fehlbaum is a high school English-Language Arts teacher who frequently draws on her experience as an educator to write her books. She has a B.A. in English, Minor in Secondary Education, and an M.Ed. in Reading.

Beth is a featured author on the 2015-2016 Spirit of Texas Reading List- High School for the Kirkus Starred Reviewed Big Fat Disaster (Merit Press/F+W Media, March 2014) and The Patience Trilogy: Courage (1), Hope (2), and Truth (3) (Steady On Books, April 2016).

Beth is a member of the RAINN (Rape , Abuse, Incest National Network) Speakers’ Bureau. She has a following in the young adult literature world and also among survivors of sexual abuse because of her work with victims’ advocacy groups.

She has been the keynote speaker at the National Crime Victims’ Week Commemoration Ceremony at the Hall of State in Dallas, Texas and a presenter for Greater Texas Community Partners, where she addressed a group of social workers and foster children on the subject of “Hope.”

Beth is in-demand as a panelist, having presented/appeared at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference, the American Library Association’s annual conference, YALSA, and N.C.T.E./ALAN, and she is a member of The Author’s Guild.

She is a survivor of a traumatic childhood, like Ashley in The Patience Trilogy, and the day-to-day manager of an eating disorder much like Colby’s in Big Fat Disaster. These life experiences give her a unique perspective, and she writes her characters’ stories in a way meant to inspire hope.

Beth lives with her family in the woods of East Texas.

You can find Beth online at http:www.bethfehlbaumbooks.com, on Facebook, and on

Author links:

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Interview with Allison Whitmore, FORGET ME NOT

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
Theodora “Teddi” Donovan and Calvin Wynne have always hated each other. They didn't have a choice after Teddi's bootlegger father killed Calvin's and left them both orphaned. The scandal has fueled gossip in quiet, quaint Brookhurst, New York, for over a decade. When a friendship develops between them as teenagers, they are ridiculed and shunned by the strict society that dictates life in their town. As they grow older, friendship turns into love, and Teddi and Calvin have to choose between their future and the specter of their past. Spanning continents and decades, Forget Me Not is a coming-of-age story about truth, self-reliance, and the freeing power of love. 

Do you have a favorite character?
I will always say Teddi, Calvin and Teddi’s sister, Liza. They are definitely my favorites.

Have you ever had a minor character evolve into a major one? Did that change the direction of the novel at all?
Not in my novel writing, but my writing partner are currently adapting Forget Me Not into a TV pilot and at least two minor characters from the novel are getting major roles in the storyline. It’s changing it a lot. The story’s central focus, though still about the love story of Teddi and Calvin, will be on the town and its secrets. That simple change basically made the B story in the A story.

Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?
Not really. I did find two small presses to work with me, but I did not go for agents or big publishing houses. I think I just did not have the patience and wanted a hands-on experience. Never say never, though. I may try that route several years down the line. At this point, I am very happy and excited to be working with my new publisher, Captive Quill Press. We’ll be launching new editions of my books in the fall.

How long before you got your offer of representation/your first contract? Was it for your first novel?
The hunting process took me about six months. Yes, it was for my first novel.

What factors influenced your decision to go with a particular agent or publisher?
My current publisher has a lot of hands-on experience with authors. The president is an author herself and writes in the same genres that I do. She also has a lot of heart and motivation to do excellent things. I’m excited to be working with her.

Are you currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books or do you have manuscripts that you will self-publish? Are you doing both?
I am between publishers, so Forget Me Not will spend the summer self-published until its relaunch this fall. My other book, The Lost Heir will not be available until its relaunch in the fall.

If you used a graphic designer/publisher’s designer, how involved were you during the creative process for your cover?
I gave her my ideas for a concept. She gave me some shots. We decided what would look nice. Then I gave her an idea of what I’d like to see and what I wanted to convey. She did the rest. I was much more involved with the cover for my other book than for Forget Me Not. Both were done by Amalia Chitulescu. She’s incredibly talented.

Do you belong to a critique group?
Have they helped improve your writing? I did have one when I was in graduate school. They helped a bit. I also have my writing partners, and we share our work. It’s very helpful.

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
Both. I outline then let the story talk. It sometimes fits the outline; it sometimes does not. I’m more about sticking to character arc goals and them than anything else.

Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing?
My publishing company provided an editor. I also hired a proofreader before submitting to publishers.

What have you’ve learned during your self-publishing journey?
I haven’t done this yet. I will just be doing it for a few months this summer. But I will say that my journey is not that different than self-published authors. I am in the indie world with small press, so I am doing author take-overs and joining communities with other indie authors in order to help each other with promotion and such. It’s been a lot of fun.

What kinds of marketing [twitter, facebook, blog, forums] are you involved with for promoting your book(s)?
Twitter and Facebook are my primary platforms. I also have done book tours and other types of promotion.

Do you find it difficult to juggle your time between marketing your current book and writing your next book?
Yes. It’s tough. I’m currently working on a pilot and a novella.

What advice would you give a new author just entering into the self-publishing arena? I’m probably not the best person to ask this. But I think I’d say ask for help or get a mentor.

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
Sadly, story is my life. I tend to love the movies and television, which is also driven by story. I think traveling is a lot of fun, too. Of course, I’m storytelling in my head while doing it, so there you go.

Some fun facts about you, which do you prefer – dogs or cats? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee or Tea? Talk or Text? Day or Night?
I love both dogs and cats. Vanilla, thank you very much. Green tea. Text for the most part. Night.

What’s next for you?
Applying to a lot of fellowships and contests for screenwriting and finishing up my next book. It’s a YA fantasy novel about a girl who travels into a place called the Time Realm.

Book & Author Details:
Forget Me Not by Allison Whitmore
Publication date: September 14th 2015
Genres: Historical, Romance, Young Adult

Theodora “Teddi” Donovan and Calvin Wynne have always hated each other. They didn’t have a choice after Teddi’s bootlegger father killed Calvin’s and left them both orphaned. The scandal has fueled gossip in quiet, quaint Brookhurst, New York, for over a decade. When a friendship develops between them as teenagers, they are ridiculed and shunned by the strict society that dictates life in their town. As they grow older, friendship turns into love, and Teddi and Calvin have to choose between their future and the scepter of their past. Spanning continents and decades, Forget Me Not is a coming-of-age story about truth, self-reliance, and the freeing power of love.

(The book changed publishers, so it was pulled from Amazon and will be re-listed shortly and found at that link!)

Allison Whitmore started her first novel, Forget Me Not, one icy morning in her dorm room in Southampton, NY. After many years of teaching high school English, she came back to the novel to rewrite it. Allison comes from a family who loves history and enjoyed immersing herself in the research that brought Teddi and Calvin’s world to life. She lives in her hometown, Los Angeles, California. You can find her on Twitter @alli_whitmore and her website:

Author Links:
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Interview with Jadah McCoy, ARTIFICIAL

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
Sure! ARTIFICIAL is the story of a young woman, Syl, who lives in a post-apocalyptic city ravaged by Cull—genetically spliced bug monsters. She’s abducted while scavenging and her genes are spliced. Syl slowly begins to turn into one of the Cull and ventures to an android city to find a cure and stop the person responsible for the splicing. ARTIFICIAL is the first in a trilogy.
Do you have a favorite character?
My favorite character (and yours, too—you’ll see!) is Bastion. He’s the male main character and second POV in the novel. Bastion is an android living in New Elite and working as a pleasure bot in the slums. He is the sassiest robot, and while he plays the perfect anti-hero, he has a caring heart—er, cortex? The relationship between Syl and Bastion—their banter and chemistry—is one of my favorite parts of the novel.

Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?
I queried agents as well as querying small publishing houses directly. I had a couple of bites from agents, but more from the smaller houses. I queried for maybe a month or two when Curiosity Quills asked for my full. A week later they offered me a contract!

If you used a graphic designer/publisher’s designer, how involved were you during the creative process for your cover?
I used Regina Wamba with MaeIDesign. When I hired her, she gave me an extensive questionnaire to fill out, listing the novel’s themes, my vision, etc. I left her to do her thing, and she later sent me a mock up, which I made comments and changes to. Overall, I would say I was very involved in the process.

What is your writing process? Do you listen to music or do you like silence?
My writing process is to vom words onto a page. Honestly, if I didn’t do that, I would nit-pick the story to death. I find the most efficient way for me to draft is in “layers.” Get the ugly first draft down, then keep writing drafts until all the details I want are there. I can only write in absolute silence. I’m very easily distracted!!

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
I am a master plotter. I’m paralyzed in my story until I plot everything out. Prior to this series, I was never like that at all—a pantser to the nth degree. However, I find plot to be the hardest part to get down, so I resolved to plot this series. It’s made my writing process so much smoother.

Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing?
Yes. I have a very intensive editing process. I finish my drafts and have a product I feel is safe for public consumption, then send it to critique partner one. After I get that feedback and make changes, it goes to critique partner two. After that, I hire a professional editor. Then I submit that product to my publisher, who has their own in house editor take a look at it. I ain’t playin’ with no typos!! I don’t want to see one typo in that book when I’m finished with it!

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
You can also find my book on Barnes & Noble!

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
When not writing, I’m usually traveling. I’ve been to seven countries so far: Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Next on my list is Japan!

What’s next for you?
Book two in this series, titled ORGANIC, is slated for a Spring 2017 release. I’m currently writing the third book in the series, due out 2018. And I have lots of shiny ideas in my head, including a horror and fantasy series, as well as a prequel for my Kepler Chronicles trilogy. So, lots to work on!!

Thanks for having me! 

Book & Author Details:
Artificial by Jadah McCoy
Published by: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication date: April 4th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Science Fiction

She struggles to feel human.
In 2256, the only remnants of civilization on Earth’s first colonized planet, Kepler, are the plant-covered buildings and the nocturnal, genetically spliced bug-people nesting within them: the Cull. During the day, Syl leaves her home in the sewers beneath Elite City to scavenge for food, but at night the Cull come looking for a meal of their own. Syl thought gene splicing died with the Android War a century ago. She thought the bugs could be exterminated, Elite city rebuilt, and the population replenished. She’s wrong.
Whoever engineered the Cull isn’t done playing God. Syl is abducted and tortured in horrific experiments which result in her own DNA being spliced, slowly turning her into one of the bugs. Now she must find a cure and stop the person responsible before every remaining man, woman, and child on Kepler is transformed into the abomination they fear.

He struggles not to.

For Bastion, being an android in the sex industry isn’t so bad. Clubbing beneath the streets of New Elite by day and seducing the rich by night isn’t an altogether undesirable occupation. But every day a new android cadaver appears in the slum gutters, and each caved in metal skull and heap of mangled wires whittles away at him.
Glitches—androids with empathy—are being murdered, their models discontinued and strung up as a warning. Show emotion, you die. Good thing Bastion can keep a secret, or he would be the next body lining the street.

He can almost live with hiding his emotions. That is, until a girl shows up in the slums—a human girl, who claims she was an experiment. And in New Elite, being a human is even worse than being a Glitch. Now Bastion must help the girl escape before he becomes victim to his too-human emotions, one way or another.


Jadah currently lives in Nashville, TN and works in law. When not babysitting attorneys, she can be found juicing her brain for creative ideas or fantasizing about her next trip out of the country (or about Tom Hiddleston as Loki - it’s always a toss up when she fantasizes).

She grew up in rural Arkansas, yet can still write good and sometimes even wears shoes! She did date her first cousin for a while but they decided against marriage for the sake of the gene pool.

Her true loves are elephants, cursing, and sangria - in that order. If you find an elephant that curses like a sailor whilst drinking sangria, you’re dangerously close to becoming her next romantic victim - er, partner.

She cut her writing teeth on badly written, hormone-driven fanfiction (be glad that’s out of her system), and her one true dream is to have wildly erotic fanfiction with dubious grammar written about her own novels. Please make her dreams come true.

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