Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter 20 is posted

To our fans of "Quest for Nobility" Chapter 20 is posted over at Otharia.com. The plot thickens and Eclair tells the twins about the conspiracy to frame them for opening the death portal that killed the Dalcon team. Darius and Dyla don't want to believe it, but have no choice when they find out who Eclair overheard talking about their imminent arrest.

The twins have no choice and must flee if they want to stay alive long enough to find out who is ultimately behind the plot to destroy the House of Telkur. The question is, where can they go? Every portal opening on the planet can be tracked by its signature coordinates. Eclair suggests a bold plan - travel off-world.

“Where is this place?” Darius asked.
“It’s a planet called Earth,” Trinity replied. “Our ancestors had a colony there, but the place was officially quarantined after the exploration party was lost in some kind of disaster. No one really knows what actually happened.”

And the adventure begins.......

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