Monday, October 26, 2009

Real Writers

No nonsense agent, Janet Reid, has an excellent post today about what constitutes a "real writer." You can read it here. I want to give a big shout out to Janet, thank you for your blog. You tell it like it is, no sugar coating and I love that.

You must be a writer if:
  1. You've actually finished a novel.
  2. You post your finished novel online.
  3. You self-publish your finished novel.
I think you get the picture. You ARE a writer if you've actually sat down and written a complete novel. It doesn't matter if you receive a publishing contract for the novel, it only matters that you finished it. Many people talk about writing a book, but few have the dedication it takes to plot out and actually write the damn thing to the end.

Dave and I have written and finished two novels. We have a great time writing them. If they never get published by a "big publishing company" we'll be a little disappointed of course, but it won't take away anything that we find so enjoyable about writing them.

So, thank you Janet Reid for setting the record straight.

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