Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Blog is International

I have been blogging away for more than a year now and I check my stats all the time to see what posts resonate with my followers and to find out who's clicking on my blog link.

First I'll post the screen shot of the most clicked on posts.  I'm not surprised it's the panel discussions.  I think everyone enjoys getting inside author's heads and I plan on doing more panel discussions in the future.  All of the panel discussions are listed in the sidebar if you want to catch up with them.  The book giveaways also seem to be a hit - 3 giveaways from Darcia Helle, Amanda Hocking and Robert Duperre are in the top list of posts.  There are 2 more book giveaways coming up in January along with another panel discussion post.

It is also interesting to see who is reading my blog.  I'm happy to say I'm international!  Really, how cool is that?  When you think about it, it really is awesome.  People in other countries are reading what I write.  I seem to be a big hit in Slovenia?  Where is Slovenia exactly?

Here's the latest screenshot for my audience.