Sunday, February 27, 2011

#SampleSunday - Visions, QUEST FOR NOBILITY

Today's SampleSunday, is from QUEST FOR NOBILITY.  Dyla Telkur is an empath who has dream visions that can sometimes portend the future.

Chapter 4 – Visions
The fire danced and crackled with life, seeking to devour anything in its path.  Three separate spurs raced around the warehouse, burning all they touched.  Boxes of all shapes and sizes became ash as the flames joined to become one intense hungry blaze.
She watched the scorching scene, riveted to the floor.  She turned her head, seeking an escape, but saw only shadows.  The flames were almost upon her when the walls disappeared.  She felt the heat closing in and tried desperately to free herself.  When she turned back, the flames surrounded her, engulfing her in an inferno of pain and torment.  Screaming, she felt the flesh melt from her limbs.
Dyla bolted upright in bed, awakened by an ear-splitting scream. Drenched in sweat and trembling uncontrollably, it took her a moment to realize that it was her own scream she heard and she shuddered in fear.
She clamored off the bed and fell to her knees.
“Oh no, oh no,” she whispered while rocking back and forth.              
Within moments, Darius came rushing into the room and found his sister on the floor.  Folding her into his arms, he made a telepathic connection and was immediately assailed by images of pain and suffering.  He had never felt such intensity through his link before, and he nearly staggered back at the blow.
“It’s OK, you’re safe,” he said softly, clutching her tighter.
It took Dyla several minutes before she came back to herself.
“Darius, I had a terrible vision.  There was a fire, it destroyed everything.”
Darius lifted her chin and met his sister’s eyes.
“I felt it when I touched you.  You’re safe now.  It was only a bad dream.”
“No, it wasn’t a bad dream, it was more than that.  I was there, inside it, feeling the heat of the fire.  It burned me.  I’ve never felt anything so horrible before.”
“Do you want me to summon the healer for you?”
“No, I want to talk to Mother.  She’s never mentioned having visions before, but she may understand what’s happening to me.”
Darius helped Dyla to her feet and slipped a robe over her shoulders.  A number of concerned servants stood standing in the doorway to the bedchamber watching the scene unfold.
Darius reassured them.
“It’s all right.  Go back to bed.  Everything here is fine.”
The servants nodded one by one and slipped away.
The twins left Dyla’s room and walked down the corridor to their parent’s bedchamber.  Dyla knocked lightly on the door. 
Silence greeted them.
“That’s strange.  They’re not answering.  I’m surprised they didn’t come when you screamed,” Darius said.
Dyla reached out, turned the door handle, and walked into the room.  It was empty.
“Where are they?”
The room was pristine.  The bed had not been slept in and there was no sign of their parents.
Dyla looked about the room, worry written on her face.
“I have a bad feeling about this.”
“It’s awfully late for them not to be in their chamber.  Where could they be?” Darius asked.
“Did you see them after the banquet?”
“No, I was with Ty.  What about you?”
“I think you’re right.  Something’s not right.  Come on, let's get dressed."
"I'll only be a minute.  I'll meet you by your bedchamber."
"Sounds good."
Both Dyla and Darius ran to their bedchambers and emerged within minutes fully dressed.
"Where do we start?" Dyla asked.
"Let's start with Father's study.  If  they're not there, let's check in with Ronal.  Maybe he knows what’s going on."
            "I hope so," Dyla said



  1. Love these characters. Excellent excerpt.

  2. Thanks so much Linda! I'm glad you enjoy reading about Darius and Dyla.

  3. Nice sample Debra, thanks for sharing.