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Today's Sample Sunday is from THE CRYSTAL FACADE.  Lady Dyla Telkur, her lover and telekinetic extraordinaire Eclair Jortac, and Catiana Spencer, the Earth archeologist who was forced to go to Otharia, have finally come back to Earth to try and figure out the Otharia/Earth connection.  Unfortunately for the threesome, their return is not the secret they think it is.

Chapter 7 – Contact

The two-man team sat quietly in the blind they had constructed.  Their clothing and faces were both camouflaged to blend into their surroundings.  The blind was far enough back from the trail that no one would see them during daylight.  At night, they were totally invisible. 
Their orders were simple, observe and report all activity. They were experienced with this type of work, but it was slow and tedious at night because the cold kept most people away from the lakefront. One of the men had wrapped himself in his poncho to get some rest while the other continued to watch the motion sensors and heat sensing infrared.  It was going to be another long night, but the work was easy and the money good.
The night was clear and the stars reflected their brilliance in the calm waters of the lake.  A pinpoint of light that looked like a fallen star suddenly expanded into a floating doorway.  Three figures stepped through.
“Contact,” the man on watch whispered to his companion.
“Where,” the second man asked. 
“Lakeside.  They just showed up on infrared.”  
The second man was instantly alert joining the first.
“They must of came directly out of the water.  That’s the only way they could get there without us knowing.”
“Looks to be three heat signatures.  Two woman, one man,” 
“Send the report.”
“I’m on it.” 
Dyla came through first, shifting right, followed by Cat and Eclair who shifted left.  They crouched low to the ground until the doorway winked out of sight.
“Do you feel anyone?” Eclair whispered.
“No,” Dyla answered.  “We’re clear to move.”
The trio moved along the well-worn path made from tourist’s feet visiting the lake and surrounding countryside.  It wasn’t difficult to keep a fast pace and they were making good time.
 “This trip back to the city would have been much easier if my van was still here.  Probably got towed months ago for being abandoned,” Cat said.
Eclair looked over at the young woman who was already breathing hard.
“Cat, doesn’t anyone on Earth ever exercise?”
He ducked when Cat took a swing at his head.
“Very funny,” she retorted.  “I meant this little trek would be quicker if we didn’t have to walk so far.”
“I knew what you meant,” Eclair said, chuckling.
Cat frowned while she searched her coat pockets.  Her frown soon turned into a grin.
“We’re in luck.  I forgot that I had money in this coat.  We can hop on the tube at Swindon.  That’ll take us back to London.”
“Looks like these are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” the first man said after he had made his report.
“What now?” the second asked.  “Follow them?”
“No.  We’re to wait and report which direction they go first.”
After a few moments, it was obvious where the trio were heading.
“They’re moving towards town,” the first man reported into his two-way radio.
There was a moment of silence while he listened to the reply.
“Roger, out.”
He changed the frequency on his hand set and made a second call.
“Three coming your way.  Two women, one man, moving along the trail towards Swindon.  Pick them up on the outskirts of town and follow at a distance.”
Again, there was a moment of silence while the other end answered.
“No, we’re staying here at the lake.  Another team will join you if needed.  Orders remain the same.  Observe and report.”
The second man groaned silently and wrapped his poncho tighter around his body.  It was going to be another long cold night.
“How much farther,” Eclair asked when they stepped off the train in London.
“Not far,” Cat said, “but we’re going to take the long way around.  If anyone is watching my house, I want to know before we go inside.”
“That’s smart,” Eclair replied.
“Cat, you’ve been gone for many months,” Dyla said.  “Does anyone take are of your home while you’re gone?”
“My landlord has gotten used to me being away.  I‘ve been gone for months before on archeological digs, so I signed a long-term lease for occasions like this and he’s kind enough to pick up my mail when it starts to pile up.”
Cat led Dyla and Eclair along a few side streets from where she could get a good look at the area around her house.  After several passes, she was satisfied everything looked normal.  Cat waved her hand around dramatically.
“Well, same old neighborhood.  I see nothing out of the ordinary, nobody watching, nobody snooping, nobody waiting.  I think we’re safe.”
I have to quit living like this.  I feel like I’m in a spy novel.


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