Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: CITIZEN INSANE by Karen Cantwell

4 of 5 stars

CITIZEN INSANE is another delightfully funny story of soccer mom, Barbara Marr.  All Barb wants is a Sweet Tangerine Spice Ultra-Ultimate Pedicure at her favorite spa, La Voila Day Spa.  She just wants to relax a bit. Things have been rough since we last met Barbara in "Take the Monkeys and Run." Her handsome FBI husband, Howard, still hasn't moved back into their house and now Barb sees him with a blonde floozy (her words) at a local Italian eatery, Fiorenza's.  Has she made another terrible mistake trying to repair her marriage? Has Howard found someone new while she was playing games? She starts to re-think her plan that Howard needs to woo her back before she'll let him back into her bed. As if that isn't enough for Barb to deal with, she finds herself embroiled in a neighborhood crisis with Bunny Bergen who is having psychotic episodes, a PTA scandal with her best-friend, Roz Walker, and an attempted murder of another neighbor.  Add in her other friend, Peggy, and you get another madcap mystery adventure for Barb.

Ms. Cantwell has a distinctive voice that had me laughing out loud throughout this book.  I skipped right along with the story enjoying every moment of it. The writing is clever and I applaud the author for another fun book.  

I do, however, have a complaint about the editing and formatting.  The text in my Kindle copy was skewed to the right-side and the book could use the eyes of a good editor.**  This complaint aside, the story is fun. I'm becoming a big fan of Barbara Marr and I hope Ms. Cantwell writes many more madcap adventures for our soccer Mom.  If you're looking for a light comedy to escape into, this book is definitely recommended.

** I have communicated with the author and she has fixed the typos and uploaded a new version of the book.


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