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Sponsor: INITIATION by Imogen Rose

Book Blurb:
Welcome to Bonfire Academy!

Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk... but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

WARNING: This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very different from normal human teens. Thus, the language and some scenes might not be appropriate for younger YA readers. Recommended for those sixteen and above.

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Reviewer’s Comments:
A Red Adept Select book (voted "Outstanding in Genre"-YA)

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." - Herman Melville
That one phrase changed my life, AND my perception of what people expected.  So I wrote it down, in a little black book, and put it in my purse. Now, I can't tell you exactly how many times I have read that 1 phrase since I wrote it down, but every time I read a book, and then bask in the brilliance of it's originality I think of Herman and his wise advice. THEN...I think of the authors that exude this quality more than most. Imogen Rose is one of these authors.- KindleObsessed

Did the author make a deal with the devil or something to get this level of pure talent or what? Or maybe one of these demons from this book? Hmmm... - Candy Beauchamp (Candy's Raves)

Author Bio:
Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling YA series, the Portal Chronicles. She was born in a small town in Sweden and moved to London in her twenties. After obtaining a PhD in immunology from Imperial College, she moved with her family to New Jersey, where she’s been based for the past ten years.

For as long as she can remember, Imogen has dreamt stories. Stories that continued from night to night, from dream to dream. So, even as a child, going to bed was never an issue, just an anticipation of the story to come.

PORTAL, Imogen’s first novel, would have remained in her imagination, to be shared only with her daughter, Lauren, had her eight-year-old not insisted that she write it down. In the course of a month, Imogen typed while Lauren waited eagerly by the printer for the pages to appear, and a novel took shape.

The warm reception PORTAL received encouraged her to continue with the story and the Portal Chronicles. FAUSTINE is Imogen’s first book in her new series, the Bonfire Chronicles.

Imogen is a self-confessed Herm├Ęs addict who enjoys shopping, traveling, watching movies and playing with her dog, Tallulah.

“Cordelia.” His voice was soft and cold, sending a new kind of chill through me. “Frau Schmelder asks that you go to her office. Your ward has arrived.”

I wanted to protest, but if Frau Schmelder wanted to see me, I had no choice but to go. Frau Schmelder, the headmistress of Bonfire Academy, was commonly referred to as Frau Smelt, or The Smelt.
 “Let me brief you first. Come and sit down.”
I did, feeling a bit embarrassed. What had just happened?
He smiled, his face softening. “Cordelia, going back to what we were discussing before, I am completely aware of your status and that you can’t be appointed to any task. I know you’re here to concentrate on tennis this year. But that shouldn’t take up all your time, so I am asking you as a favor. I’m in charge of the mentoring program, and I can’t think of anyone else who’d be appropriate. I really need you.”
I barely heard him, imagining the feel of his taut muscles instead. “Um. Jagger, what are you?” His taste and smell were unmistakable, yet unfathomable. I clearly detected faery in him, but also something else. He had to be a hybrid of some sort.
He looked surprised by my question. Asking it had been forward of me. The school rules were clear. We weren’t allowed to pry, and asking him such a thing, directly as I had, was strictly forbidden, but I couldn’t help myself. I had always been nosy.
“Fey.” He sounded resolute and didn’t offer anything further.
I could have guessed that just by his appearance, but there was more. However, it wasn’t the time to delve into it. Frau Smelt didn’t like to be kept waiting. Or so I had heard. “Why do you need me?”
His eyes narrowed. “You ask, after what just happened?”
Awkward. I didn’t want to talk about that. “I mean, why do you need me as a mentor?”
I almost snickered when I detected a red hue forming on his snow-white skin. An embarrassed winter fey. Cute.
“Oh. The student in question is Faustine Spencer, the half-breed daughter of the demon king of London.”
“Indeed.” He smiled knowingly. “Have you met her? I hear your fathers are good friends, in a demon sort of way.”
“Nope, never heard of her. Half what?”
“Indeed. Though, hopefully she won’t be as much trouble as the last set of his spawn.”
One could only hope. The last set had been the infamous twins, Mariel and Jacques. They had been sent back to Paris, under my father’s dominion. They were hybrids as well–half demon, half werewolf. King Sebastian seemed to favor mating with non-demons. What kind of self-respecting demon mated with dogs? I was glad my father had more self-control.
“The main issue is her safety. Her human blood is going to be a prime commodity around here, especially among the vampires.”
“No kidding. Though not as enticing as fey blood.” I wondered how he kept them at bay.
“Perhaps, but she is, in addition, young, just twelve, and completely green.”
“Um, a human twelve-year-old? How human is she?”
“I don’t know. Does it matter?”
“It’s not that.” I sighed. “Well, you know all the stupid rules humans bind themselves with. We don’t do that here. I mean, why would we? Her world is so much more restricted by moral dilemmas and concerns. How is she going to cope with our lack of inhibitions? If she was older, I don’t think she’d have a problem. Hell, even human teens get busy, but mostly in private. However, she will be exposed to stuff here that a normal twelve-year-old wouldn’t be back home; that’s all I’m really trying to say.”
“She’s here to learn about her demon nature, and about paranormals in general. That’s why we think you will be a particularly suitable mentor. You’ve lived in human society, even attended a human school. She wouldn’t have been sent here if she wasn’t ready.”
“Why exactly is she here?”
“She’s transforming, more dramatically than one would expect from a half-human. Her father wants her trained. She’s his heir.”
“Heir? As in the next Queen of London? A half human? That’s insane!”
Jagger shrugged. “I don’t know much about all that, but I’ve been told that she doesn’t know that she’ll be taking over his reign, and we’re to keep it that way. Anyhow, you’ll report to me daily. I need you to keep her safe. There’s more, and I’ll brief you further, later. Right now, please get her settled in. I’ve arranged for her to have the room next to yours. She won’t have a roommate, even though she’s new. We couldn’t find anyone suitable. Ready to meet her?”
“I guess.”
“She’s waiting for you in Frau Schmelder’s office. I won’t come with you, but could you report in later tonight?”
He walked me to the door and stepped aside so I could pass. I inadvertently rubbed against him on my way out. I felt every beat of his heart as we made contact, and I struggled to keep my own at even a remotely normal level.
I stopped and cocked my head. “Jagger, how much does she know?”
“She doesn’t know anything, yet. She’s a nice kid, apparently.”
“What about her schedule?”
“I’ll give that to you this evening. It’ll be finalized this afternoon.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll see you later.”
“And about that other matter.” He scrutinized me with unabashed hunger.
“What about it?”
“Get rid of Quinn. You belong to me now.”

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