Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: THE FALLEN by Mark Terry

4 of 5 stars

What better location to plan a terrorist attack than a G8 Summit were all the world leaders and their staffers are attending the summit at the Cheyenne Resort in Colorado Springs? This is exactly what Richard Coffee of The Fallen Angels is planning to do and it's up to agent Derek Stillwater to stop them.

The story follows Derek who has been undercover at the resort posing as a maintenance man as he tries to stop the terrorists. Their plot is sophisticated and extensive and appears to be infallible, but they did not take into account that Derek was on the site. He manages to pick off one terrorist at a time, but not without a number of attacks against him. He gets shot, stabbed, punched, falls down elevator shafts, and yet, he carries on with the mission to stop this attack. The action is non-stop in this heart-pounding political thriller. The secondary characters, especially Maria, are well-fleshed out. I loved that Maria was a strong, savvy woman who didn't cower in the corner when the terrorists attack.

While I had to suspend belief that any one man could sustain so many injuries and still carry on, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  After all, how many times did James Bond get in tough spots and yet managed to save the world?  The author gives us snippets of Derek's life, enough to make me read the other Derek Stillwater novels, and that's the highest praise for any author. Fans of political thrillers will certainly enjoy this.

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