Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Release: LOST UNICORN by Michelle Snyder

The Lost Unicorn” is an original fairy tale based on the historic use and meaning of the unicorn symbol by an ancient northern European civilization lost in the mist of time. Michelle Snyder’s work as a symbologist has brought to light new knowledge which is presented in story form appealing to both children and adults. The book is written with all the elements of our favorite childhood stories, and like our favorite fairy tales, will be read to children over and over.

The author drew from her lively family to come up with character ideas. “Heroes, villains, and maidens are universal,” the author said. “They are recognizable archetypes in every culture. I found my youngest daughter was a great character study for my first princess – Shyla.”
Michelle is inspired by the Snow White and Prince Charming characters. “I love this story and always suspected it was based on the lives of real people from Once-Upon-a-Time long ago. Now I know who they were, and get to tell stories about their amazing lives again.”
The series captures the magic, heroics, and happily-ever-after of ancient fairy tales. Her stories introduce you to talking fish, magical fairies, evil wizards, and kings and queens of old. Strong willed princesses and love stricken princes live happily ever after – after thwarting the evil wizard and a harrowing rescue, that is!

Michelle wrote her thesis on decoding history through symbols. She has written four books on the subject which reveal this lost civilization, including her 5-star publication: “Symbology: Decoding Classic Images.” Her fifth, “The Lost Unicorn,” is her first fiction in a series which includes mermaids, fairies, and dragons; each written to convey the origin and meaning of these beloved symbols. “The Lost Unicorn” is available as an eBook and print book on Amazon.

Michelle lives near Boston with her husband, where they own and operate White Knight Studio. She teaches classes in symbology and works with a children's theater group. Her artwork, inspired by her love of symbols, mythology, and folklore, has appeared in galleries from California to Massachusetts.  Visit her website at