Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Review: INCREDIBLE DREAMS by Sandra Edwards


5 of 5 stars

I've read quite a few of Ms. Edward's books and with each one I think, I love this book the best. That is, until I picked up INCREDIBLE DREAMS. What a fabulous book. The story of Isabelle and Jack is unveiled in snippets expertly written to keep you turning the pages. You won't want to stop reading once you start.

Isabelle (Izzy) Miller is a modern-day ghost whisperer and she is hired by the government to help the spirit of Captain Jack Baker leave and move on from an abandoned military base. Izzy is confident that she can exorcise the reluctant spirit, but events take a strange twist when her long-dead mother tells her that she must save Jack. Save him? Izzy doesn't understand, but when a portal opens up during her dreams allowing her to travel back to 1946, she is set on a path that could change her life forever.

Throw in an evil soul snatcher in the guise of a long-lost sister, Jeannie, who is bent on stealing Izzy and Jack's souls, and you have the perfect villain. Unfortunately, Izzy suffers from amnesia when she time travels and is unable to know the difference between fact and fiction. All she knows is that from the moment she meets Jack, her heart is stolen by the charming pilot. Will their love blossom? Will that put Izzy's soul in more danger and what happens to modern-day Izzy as she dreams of events in 1946? I couldn't read the pages fast enough to find out. The book was that engrossing. Fans of romance will thoroughly enjoy this book. Highly Recommended.

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