Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New #Scifi Special Edition: THE GIRL WITH ANOTHER GIRL IN HER HEAD by T.M. Roy


This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the book Convergence, Journey to Nyorfias Book 1, celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the first E-publication of this story! (The title and cover are a fun homage to a popular thriller series.

Could Rett's life get any worse? Her homesystem has been invaded. Her mom and brother were blown up. She had a fight with her father. She's trying to keep herself and her platoon alive, but that isn't easy. She's already on the top of the enemy's Most Wanted list with a huge price on her head.

And, oh yeah... the icing on the cake? Some OTHER alien superpower decides to stick a stranger's mind and soul into her body. An alien stranger who thinks Rett's deadly serious reality is a dream.

Book 2, The Girl With Another Girl In Her Head the Alien Wanted for Lunch (currently listed as Gravity, Journey to Nyorfias Book 2), is also available. Book 3, The Girl with Another Girl in Her Head Almost Freezes Her Ass Off and Dies (aka Stratagem, Journey to Nyorfias Book 3), is coming soon.


A Glossary, for all those names you can't pronounce and all those terms that make you go "Huh?"

A Deleted Scene (well, an entire episode): An episode that hit the cutting room floor before the original edition was published. Good fun!

An excerpt from an unpublished Prelude story, with illustrations by the author.

Two gorgeous Maps.

And more!
* ** * * * * * ** * * **
This is the official description, by the way:

Can two women cohabit the same mind and body without killing each other?

Pam, from Earth, has no clue why she finds herself merged with Rett, a soldier from some planet called Nyorfias. And Rett curses the alien entities that have saddled her with a dimwitted mindforce that thinks it's dreaming--the last thing she needs at this critical point in her homesystem's battle for freedom.

Can Rett keep the ego-merge a secret and keep herself and her platoon alive at the same time?

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T.M. Roy has been writing stories and drawing pictures to accompany them since since was old enough to hold a crayon.  She currently lives in the St. Paul area with an opinionated Quaker parrot named Apple and a Senegal parrot named Sir Hugo the Naked.

You can find her online at Facebook:, her blog:, or contact by email at tmroy (at) zapstone (dot) com.

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