Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#Review: THE RIDDLER'S GIFT by Greg Hamerton

  4 of 5 stars

THE RIDDLER'S GIFT is an epic fantasy that will have fans glued to the story. Tabitha Serannon dreams of becoming a Light Gifter like her mother, but when tragedy strikes those dreams are shattered and it sets her on a different path. She finds a magical ring and from the moment she slips it on her finger, she is changed forever. Then she meets the Riddler, Twardy Zarost, and he guides her on a path of discovery like no other. There is an ancient evil gathering in the land and Tabitha is the key to defeating it although she has no idea how.

This is a full-bodied fantasy of over 600 pages so it's not a light read. The author does a fantastic job of world building in the land of Eyri although I did find some of the descriptions were long winded. Tabitha is the heroine in the story, but it's the Riddler who steals the show. He's clever, witty and frustrating, but are we sure he's on Tabitha's side as he tries to guide her in both unraveling the mystery of the ring and in the quest to find the wizard. Garyll Glavenor, the Swordmaster, was not as well-fleshed out as I would have liked. We know that he is a noble sword, but there was no back story for him. Perhaps his story will be explored further in the next book. I also thought the torture went on too long and in way too much detail. 

Despite my minor criticisms, this is an excellent book for fantasy fans to sink their teeth in. Recommended.

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