Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#Review: SHADOW OF THE REVENAUNT by Paul E Horsman

3 of 5 stars

The night before his Coming-of-Age, Ghyll and his two friends escape their castle on a clandestine hunt that would forever change their lives. They returned just in time to see their island castle destroyed by strange warriors and flocks of burning birds. Ghyll’s birthday turned into a nightmare as they fled into the night. This begins an epic journey to find out who is trying to kill them... and most importantly, why?

I was excited to read this book because fantasy is my favorite genre to read. The book starts out with a bang - very intriguing first chapter. It was a great start, but then the book faltered for me. While the characters are interesting, their quest became repetitious - the group is attacked, they fight well although one of them is injured, thus delaying their journey. Half-way through the book, I had the plot figured out. And, most importantly, there didn't seem to be any urgency for them to complete their quest. This is usually a staple in most fantasy novels. Of course, there are evil men chasing them, but the group plods along as best they can trying to decipher the clues. I thought there would be a great battle at the end, but I was sorely disappointed. The book ends abruptly with no conclusion to the main storyline. I'm sure there's a sequel to deal with this, but I like the major storyline at least resolved when I read a book. I give the author kudos for an interesting idea. I just wish he had dealt with the ending of this book in a different way.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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