Monday, January 13, 2014

Fantastic #Sale at $.99 for #Regency #Romance: LOVE BY DECEPTION

Here's a great opportunity to grab my latest romance, LOVE BY DECEPTION, at a great price. It's normally $2.99, but will be on sale for $.99 for only a few days. The sale is happening at 3 outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the ibookstore.

Book synopsis:
Content with her life as a lady's maid, Isabel Knott learns the father she never knew has left her a fortune. The news comes with one restriction--she can never reveal his name. Isabel falls in love with Colby Tisbury, but with her nonexistent pedigree his father, Lord Tisbury, will never accept her as his daughter-in-law.

Colby Tisbury must marry, and soon. If he doesn't find a bride before the end of the Season, his father will supply one. Then Colby meets sassy Isabel Knott, and everything changes--but can he go against his father's wishes and marry a girl utterly lacking in family and connections? Isabel is forced to make an impossible choice - reveal her secret identity and bring shame to her true father or lose Colby forever.

Reviewer comments:
"If you enjoy historical romance, or have ever dreamed of a Season in London, don't miss this lovely story."

"There is a shocker or two in store when it comes to Isabel. Twists in the story that I never saw coming. Another fun read and great follow-up to its predecessor."

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If you want to read the first book in the series, LOVE BY SECRETS, just click on the icon below.

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