Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interview with Jack Rosenbaum

What is your favorite kind of music?
My favorite music can be found in the love songs of Sinatra and women singers of his generation.

You have traveled a lot, what place stands out in your mind the most?
The place I am most fond of is Florence, Italy.

What inspired you to write a book?
After my wife died, I needed something to fill my days. Writing seemed a creative way to occupy myself.

You are also an accomplished artist, do you find your art training helpful in the writing process?
Art taught me the importance of visual details. I try to get the reader to see what I am describing.

Do you have a favorite time or place to write?
 have no favorite time or place in which to write. I write when time and place present themselves. Unfortunately, this is not every day.

This is a book of stories from your life – how did you pick them?
I did not pick the stories.They simply arose out of my experiences with people and events.

What is the significance of the title?
The title refers to the fact that my father died from a sudden heart attack one day after I had spent an afternoon with him. It is in the nature of things that he never informed me that he was about to die.

Who is the target audience?
I hope the readers of this book are men and women who have had similar experiences in their lives and will nod their heads in recognition of the situations and events I describe.

Now that you have published your first book, do you have plans for another?
I currently have plans for three more books: two children’s books and a memoir about my most magical wife.

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 Reviewer Comments:
“Jack Rosenbaum's stories summon a lost world: mid-20th century America, an age of boundless optimism and touching innocence, as well as war, bigotry and other not so nice things. Mr. Rosenbaum suffuses his tales of young men coming of age during this time with the golden glow of nostalgia, while rendering them with a bracing, unaffected honesty and overflowing heart.”  Larry Katz, writer and former Arts Editor of the Boston Herald
Author Bio:
Born in Chicago, Jack Rosenbaum served three years in the Army Air Force during WWII, graduated from N.Y.U., and taught English in the New York public high schools for 30 years. He also taught Educational Psychology and Methodology at Brooklyn College and wrote and edited curricula for the New York City Board of Education. He currently lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, has three sons, two grandchildren, and is at work on a memoir of his wife titled "Livia's Way."