Thursday, May 8, 2014

#Review: SHAMAN PRIESTESS PAWN by M. Terry Green

5 of 5 stars

The newest book is the techno shaman series features Olivia and SK traveling into the deep jungle searching for legendary Mayan shamans. When they do find the elusive group, things are not as they seem and Livvy and SK are soon fighting for their very lives.

I love this series and book 4 delivers an intense and engaging story, this time about SK. It was great to learn about the private man and his integral role in Mayan shaman history. Livvy's character is given great odds to overcome both in the Multiverse and the real world. She not only has to save herself, but also a way to save SK. The story is fast-paced and kept my attention throughout. The author does a superb job of letting the reader "see" the images/creatures in the Multiverse. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I had to find out the fate of both Livvy and SK. No spoilers here, but this is another wonderful installment in the Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman series. Highly recommended.

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