Saturday, August 30, 2014

On Sale for .99: ASSASSIN'S CURSE, Book 1, The Witch Stone Prophecy

To help celebrate the release of Witch's Curse, Book 2 in the Witch Stone Prophecy series, ASSASSIN'S CURSE will be on sale for .99!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Tavia where the lines between good and evil blur.  White and Black witches are gathering their forces and both sides vie for the opportunity to capture the 'Children of Prophecy.' There is a single man, a former elite assassin, who has been compelled to keep the children safe. He'll have to use all his skills to stay one step ahead of the witches and the assassins who have been sent to bring him back, dead or alive!

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The moon finally broke through the dissipating rain clouds and its light afforded Jeda a better view of her building. The lone window of her room had scant protection: a threadbare cloth covering that barely held out the elements. The window would provide easy access for Jeda’s entry, but the rain had made everything a slick mess. He studied the outside of the dilapidated building and memorized the handholds and ledges that he would use in his climb to reach her. 

As he surveyed the building, his sixth sense flared again and a disturbing feeling swept over him. He had always thought of these feelings as his curse, his assassin’s curse: to be able to discern unknown danger before it happened. It often left him second-guessing himself and the choices he made. It was hard to trust these feeling when he did not understand where they came from. Curse or blessing, he felt them strongly as he watched the window across the narrow alleyway and wondered what he would find when he went through it. He looked around the rooftop and the surrounding area for anything unusual, but his only companions were the rats and the dead they feasted on. 

Something’s not right, I can feel it.

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