Monday, November 3, 2014

#Review: ATTRITION by S.G. Night

3 of 5 stars

ATTRITION is an impressive debut for Mr. Night. The opening chapter pulled me right in, but there were so many typos and missing words that it definitely took away from the enjoyment of reading the book. The main character, Racath Thanjel, one of the few remaining Majiski is the reluctant hero and the world he inhabits is nicely fleshed out. I found it curious though that whatever skill or magic power he needed at the moment to overcome and defeat his enemies seemed to come to him at just the right time. Also, the middle of the book dragged with the telling of the histories of God. My harshest criticism is the way the narrator kept inserting himself in the middle of scenes. It was jarring to be in Racath's POV and then be pulled out of it when the narrator comments on something. This is not to say it's a bad book, far from it. When you factor in how young the author is, it is quite a feat. With the skill of a good editor, this book could definitely be 5 stars. 

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