Friday, September 25, 2015

NEW #Fantasy release: THE SECRETS DRAGONS KEEP by K.C. May & India Drummond

The Secrets Dragons Keep
Book 2 of The Dragons of Kudare

Outcast from the temple, brothers Caden and Deshic journey with their family to the Plains of Fire to seek absolution for their crimes. There they endure cruel punishments under the unrelenting eye of the woman who rules over every soul at the temple compound.

When the faithful's true plans for their sister, Rane, come to light, she and Caden flee to dragon territory in search of help. They must act before time runs out to save Deshic and their parents from unthinkable horrors. But the elder dragon lord has troubles of his own that could unbalance the races and spell the end to a peace accord that has lasted for centuries.


If you haven’t read book 1 yet, you’re in luck. The authors have put it ON SALE for only .99. Grab it now because the sale won’t last long!
The Lies Dragons Tell
Book 1 of The Dragons of Kudare

A mysterious illness strikes down a young woman pledged to the god of the Blessed Empire. Two brothers, as helpless as the healers who say there's nothing more they can do, watch while their sister fades away. 

Determined to save her, they approach a dragonborn alchemist who promises help but leads them along a path of hardship, darkness, sacrilege, and death. Impossible choices divide the brothers as their love and loyalty are tested. What price is too high to save someone you love?


India Drummond

India knew from age nine that writing would be her passion. Since then she's discovered many more, but none quite so fulfilling as creating a world, a character, or a moment and watching them evolve into something complex and compelling. She has lived in four countries and four American states, is a dual British and American citizen, and in order to be near her family, she has recently returned to the US where she's writing her next epic fantasy.

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K.C. May

K.C. May started writing as a kid with a dream of being a professional writer. She started her career in 1990 writing technical manuals for software companies. In 2005, after she attended the Viable Paradise writers' workshop in Martha's Vineyard, her debut novel was published. Her acclaimed epic fantasy series The Kinshield Saga has reached #11 on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list. 
 K.C. grew up in the mid-western USA and in Hawaii, and earned a B.A. in Russian from Florida State University. After a year in Taiwan teaching English and studying Mandarin Chinese, she lived in the Arizona desert where she founded a Rottweiler rescue organization. Her interests include dog training and computer programming.

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