Monday, April 18, 2016

Interview with Jeremy Flagg, NIGHTHAWKS

Any weird things you do when you’re alone?
I tend to talk to myself. However, it’s not casual conversation, I start to sound like a motivational coach for myself. Do I need to clean the house? “You can do this, get to it, go, go, go.” You’d think I was training for the Olympics as I bark at myself. Eventually, I catch myself doing it. I laugh at myself a lot, but this is when I think it might be time to start talking to a professional!

What is your favorite quote and why?
“Dear me, there will be another breath.” – Shane Koyczan He’s a spoken word poet and through many poignant, thought-provoking verses, this one has become my creed. My life is stressful and frequently hectic, but I continue to remind myself, just stop and breathe, it’s not the end of things. It seems to be working, gives me a moment to relax and then the determination to move forward.

Who is your favorite author and why?
The author that has most impacted me would be R.A. Salvatore. When I was younger I would read his Drizzt Do’Urden Forgotten Realms series and I ate up each of those books. That’s probably where my love of fantasy novels began. However, as I grew up, so did his writing. While he is still writing that series, his Demon Wars series crippled my adult self. As characters went through gut-wrenching scenes, I genuinely felt for them. I want to go back and read it again, but knowing the journey ahead of his characters, I’m still trying to emotionally prepare myself.

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?
For me, the most important element in good writing is a connection with the characters. I don’t have to agree or even like the character. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite characters is somebody who I loathed through an entire series, but I was impressed with how much I felt hatred toward him while reading. I want to relate to them in some way that builds a bond. This is partly why I only read books in series, once I find a literary friend, I want to stick with them for the long haul. Without this connection, I find the characters become dismissible and I have no desire to push forward.

Where did you get the idea for this book?
Children of Nostradamus: Nighthawks was originally created when I was thirteen. My best friend and I would come home after school and come up with these big ideas. We wrote what we were currently reading for comic books. I would write the stories and he would draw the panels and we thought of ourselves as a dynamic duo. Nearly twenty years later, I found all our creations and the disk I wrote the scripts on. I would spend days reading through them laughing at youthful attempts. However, it gave the source material of what Nighthawks would eventually become.


Twenty-six-year-old painter Conthan Cowan takes art to a shocking frontier…

His debut exhibit features the transformation of his high school friend, Sarah, as she went from a shy, soft-spoken girl to a Child of Nostradamus—an individual gifted with extraordinary abilities. Living in a society where the Children of Nostradamus are captured by the government, Conthan’s exhibit draws attention from officials and protesters alike.

A government psychic may be dead, but that doesn’t stop her from manipulating the future…

The deceased White House aide is only remembered for her failed assassination attempt on the president decades before Conthan was born. Foreseeing her own death, she scribed letters to bring together specific Children of Nostradamus on a mission that will change the world.

On the night of the gallery exhibition, Conthan receives one of those letters…

ispers from the past direct him to visit Sarah, the subject of his paintings, who like many Children of Nostradamus, is being detained in a government research facility. It’s there he finds himself aligned with a rogue group of Children on a mission to prevent a dark future.

As a dark future unfolds, there's only one hope to stop the destruction of the world...

The Children of Nostradamus.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’m high school graphic design and marketing teacher, at a large suburban high school in Massachusetts. Working as a high school educator and observing the outlandish world of adolescence was the inspiration for my first young adult novel, “Suburban Zombie High.”

My inspiration for writing stems from being a youth who struggled with reading in school. While I found school assigned novels incredibly difficult to digest, I devoured comics and later fantasy novels. Their influences can be seen in the tall tales I spin.

I took the long route to becoming a writer. For a brief time, I majored in Creative Writing but exchanged one passion for another as I switched to  Art and Design. My passion for reading about superheroes, fantastical worlds, and panic-stricken situations would become the foundation of my writing career.

I participated in my first NaNoWriMo in 2006 and continue to write an entire novel every November. Now I am the NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison to the Massachusetts Metrowest Region. I also belong the New England Horror Writer’s Association and to a weekly writing group, the Metrowest Writers.


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