Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#Review: A CUNNING PLAN by Astrid Arditi

  3 of 5 stars

I have mixed feeling about this book. The main character is quirky which is kind of fun, but her klutzy antics over and over again got old very quickly. I did enjoy the book being written in the first person. The author did an excellent job of letting the reader into Sloane's thoughts and emotions, but I didn't really connect with Sloan. In the beginning of the story, she had one goal--to get her ex-husband back for the sake of her children. That was very clear. As the story progressed and she meets Ethan Cunning, her character flip-flopped back-and-forth. Kiss me. No get away from me. Kiss me, over and over again until the last pages of the book. 

I enjoyed the secondary characters more, especially Claudia, the Polish housekeeper. She was a firecracker and Bizzy, Sloane's mother, was nicely fleshed out as well. It didn't take me long to figure out the plot for this story, however, I kept reading to see if my assumptions were correct. I was glad that Sloane finally figured out what she wanted. This is a light beach read and if you have a few hours to kill, this would be the perfect book.


Determined to put her family back together, Sloane Harper stalks her ex husband and his annoyingly stunning mistress, Kate Stappleton. But she’s not the only one.
Handsome IRS agent Ethan Cunning is surveying Kate too, but for entirely different reasons. He is attempting to nail Kate’s playboy boss.

Ethan and Sloane decide to help each other, which sends Sloane’s wobbly life spinning out of control. She’ll have to face danger, humiliation, and – scariest of all – the dating scene, to lure her daughters’ father home.

Losing control was the best thing to happen to Sloane…until it turned lethal.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Astrid Arditi was born from a French father and Swedish mother. She lived in Paris and Rome before moving to London with her husband and daughter back in 2013.
After dabbling in journalism, interning at Glamour magazine, and teaching kindergarten, Arditi returned to her first love: writing.
She now splits her time between raising her kids (a brand new baby boy just joined the family) and making up stories.
A Cunning Plan is Arditi's first published work.
Facebook Astrid Arditi author https://www.facebook.com/Astridarditiauthor
Twitter @astrid_arditi https://twitter.com/astrid_arditi

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