Tuesday, November 27, 2018

#Review: I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU by Ella Quinn

  3 of 5 stars

Gerald, Lord Elliott is finally willing to settle down and search for a wife this Season. When his good friend, the Duke of Rothwell, asks him to watch over his sister, Lady Lucinda Hughlot, Gerald thinks it will be a good way to see if any of the debutantes catch his eye. What he doesn't expect is that he likes Lucinda more each time they spend time together. Lucinda's mother is determined to have her marry her friend's son. Can Gerald win Lucinda's hand without offending either Rothwell or Lucinda's mother?

This was a very quick read. I did enjoy it, but after some leisurely scenes with Gerald and Lucinda, I felt the ending was very rushed. There was no real obstacle except for Lucinda's mother disapproval preventing them from being together and when the storyline jumped ahead a few weeks, Lucinda and Gerald were declaring their love for each other. There was a quick sex scene and the book was basically over. I would have liked more in the second half of the book. I realize this was a novella, but the ending left much to be desired.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review and was not obligated to leave a review.

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