Saturday, March 24, 2012

New #Romance Release: I RUINED HIS LIFE by L.K. Rigel

If you're looking for a sweet escape from the humdrum of weekend chores, check out this contemporary romance, I Ruined his Life, currently being offered for .99 on Amazon.

Book blurb:
Guilt and attraction make a strange blend...

On her first case as a lawyer, Bethany Draughen exposes shoddy workmanship done by a luxury home builder and forces a multimillion dollar settlement. The case establishes Beth's reputation - and ruins Caleb Marke's life.

That was three years ago. When by chance Beth sees Cale again at a deposition, he makes it quite clear he wants revenge--then he double-dog dares her to go out with him. Beth should run the opposite direction, but she can't deny her attraction to the guy.

It's a battle between lust for revenge and just plain lust. Beth ruined Cale's life. Can she trust him now not to ruin hers?

I Ruined His Life is a short novella (novelette length), about 10,500 words. Equivalent to about 42 pages in print. Sweet contemporary romance. 

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