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Bingley couldn’t help but sneak a few more looks at the fiery maid of honor, remembering the way they’d first met four months ago. Jane had seemed so…nice, for want of a better word. Too sweet for him to want to tamper with or tease too much, although Beth hinted there was more to Jane than her pleasant veneer might suggest.

He hadn’t believed that at first but, oh, he believed it now, as she swiveled to face her friend, sending another death stare in his direction, then a much kinder, warmer look to his cousin.

“You’re gonna be really happy, Cuz,” he whispered to Will, who was smiling at his bride Beth as if he’d just won the lottery and it was being hand delivered to him in a pretty package of white tulle.

“Thanks, Bingley,” his cousin murmured. “I owe you, you know. None of this would’ve happened without you.”

Bingley swallowed away a sappy emotion he didn’t want to succumb to in public and clenched his jaw to keep from saying anything either overly sentimental or just plain stupid. Much as the whole commitment thing gave him hives, Bingley couldn’t have been happier for Will. The guy deserved every ounce of wedded bliss.

“Anything for you,” he finally managed, meaning it, but unable to stop the wave of irritation that hit him in the gut when he caught Jane rolling her eyes at him from the periphery.

No, she wasn’t nearly as nice as she appeared, although he’d thought she was pretty awesome during the engagement party a couple of months back. Jane had downed, perhaps, a few too many glasses of celebratory champagne, and the two of them had ended up in the coat room, making out like teenagers. He quickly learned three other very interesting facts about her:

She wore some really racy undergarments beneath her simple, classically cut clothes.

She could do several wickedly imaginative things with her tongue. Both excellent discoveries, in his opinion.

But her emotions jumped up and down like an insanely volatile stock during a wild trading day.

Bingley exhaled and tried to stop his mind from playing the X-Ray Vision game every time he caught a glimpse of Jane standing demurely by the altar.

Although, how could he keep himself from wondering if she had that leopard-spotted bra on underneath her red dress, like the one she’d been wearing in July, hmm? Or, why she had all but sprinted away from him when he saw her again a few days later, and why she’d studiously avoided him at the few other events they’d both had to attend since then… They’d barely made it past second base at the engagement party. Was she embarrassed? Had he unknowingly done something wrong?

C’mon, man, get a grip!

He knew from years of experience that he was better off not caring about what women thought of him. Keeping his emotions out of any relationship was the key.

Seeing Will with Beth together had lulled him—temporarily—into believing that whole “happily ever after” thing might happen for him, too. Their connection through that online dating site had encouraged him—briefly—that a “Love Match” wasn’t impossible. So he’d entertained the idea of dating more seriously when he met Jane.

Big mistake.

He knew what he was: a lifetime bachelor. And there wasn’t a woman in the world who could snag his heart long term. He’d be willing to bet on it.

Still, he had a few assets.

He was young, reasonably good looking, wealthy…and he sure as hell didn’t need a pseudo-sweet, temperamental, psychologist chick blowing him off, especially after he’d let his guard down long enough to get close to her one hot summer night. Wouldn’t happen again.

Besides, this was a wedding. There were plenty of smart, beautiful babes to be found—it’d be like cherry picking blue chips in a bull market—and he was the guy to find them. The sooner the better.


Book & Author Details:
Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet by Marilyn Brant
(Perfect #2)
Publication date: July 20th 2014
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance


**Note: PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT BET is part of the "Perfect" series, but it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel**

The course of true love doesn’t always run smooth…

Everyone thought Beth Ann Bennet and Dr. Will Darcy had an unexpected romance in Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match (Perfect #1).

Now, Beth’s best friend, Jane Henderson, and Will’s first cousin, Bingley McNamara, begin their own unlikely love story in Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet (Perfect #2), which starts at the Bennet/Darcy wedding when the two of them find themselves in the roles of maid of honor and best man for the newlyweds.

Jane is an interning school psychologist and a woman who wears an angelic mask in public, but she’s not as sweet tempered as she’d like everyone to believe. Turns out, she may have just crossed paths with the one person who’ll unnerve her enough to get her to reveal her true self.

As for Bingley, he’s a wealthy, flirtatious, compulsively social guru of finance, who likes to wager on stocks and, let’s face it, on just about anything that strikes his fancy. But this dedicated ladies’ man may have finally met the woman who’ll challenge his bachelor ways!

Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Bet…where life’s biggest gamble is the game of love.


Marilyn Brant is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary women’s fiction, romantic comedy & mystery. She was named the Author of the Year (2013) by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English. She loves all things Jane Austen, has a passion for Sherlock Holmes, is a travel addict and a music junkie, and lives on chocolate and gelato. 

Author links:

Blitz-wide giveaway
Ends August 12th - open INTL

One signed paperback copy of the companion book from the series, PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT MATCH (Will & Beth's story).
One signed paperback copy of Marilyn's bestselling coming-of-age romantic mystery, THE ROAD TO YOU.
One Marilyn Brant t-shirt with musical notes.
One ACCORDING TO JANE canvas tote bag.
One A SUMMER IN EUROPE luggage tag.
And one Godiva ice cream cone magnet.

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.99 Sale for #Fantasy ASSASSIN'S CURSE

To celebrate the release of WITCH'S CURSE, Book 2 in The Witch Stone Prophecy, we have released a newly expanded edition of ASSASSIN'S CURSE.

It will be ON SALE for .99 for a limited time ONLY.

Book Blurb:
When elite assassin Jeda received his assignment to kill a witch and deliver her twin daughters to the Countess of Berkshire, he had no idea it would be the his last. The witch stuns him with an elemental blast, but not before he's able to throw his knife. When Jeda regains consciousness, the dying witch is performing a compulsion spell between him and her twin daughters.

Now bonded to the girls, Jeda's old life is forfeit. His only thought is to take the girls and run as far away as he can. He has no idea that the twins are the ones spoken of in the long-lost prophecy of The Witch Stone. Forces are gathering: the white witches want to teach them; the black witches want to use them; the Countess wants her grandchildren back, and the guild has sent their best assassin to bring them back.

Jeda must use all of his assassin skills to stay one step ahead of them all, but will it be enough to save himself and keep the children of prophecy alive?

Amazon buy link - .99:

Jeda's journey continues in book 2, WITCH'S CURSE.

Book Blurb:
When elite assassin, Jeda DeLongo, fled the Assassin's Guild years earlier, he knew there would be a price to be paid. No one ever left the Guild, but he never imagined his beloved wife and unborn son would pay the price for his betrayal. Now Keisha's life hangs in the balance and the most powerful healers in the Kingdom cannot lift her unnatural coma the assassins put her in. There is only one cure, find the legendary Witch Stone.

Jeda leads an impossible quest to recover the Witch Stone--a stone that has been lost for a hundred years. Crucial to the success of the quest are his twin daughters, the famous children of prophecy, but are they unwitting pawns in the witch's power struggles? Forces of White and Black Witches are gathering. Can Jeda find the Witch Stone and heal his wife or will he be instrumental in starting another witch war, the likes of which the kingdom has never seen before?

Amazon buy link - $3.99:


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Interview with Sean Kinsley

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
My latest book is called Wrathful Echoes.  It is a continuation of Wicked Tides. 

Do you have a favorite character?
No.  I like all my characters in their own messed up way.

Have you ever had a minor character evolve into a major one? Did that change the direction of the novel at all?
Yes and yes.  I think that’s just part of the creative process.

 Are you currently under a traditional publishing contract for future books or do you have manuscripts that you will self-publish? Are you doing both?
I am currently under a contract with a traditional publisher, though I have options to self publish which I am not completely opposed to on some future works.

Do you belong to a critique group? Have they helped improve your writing?
I don’t belong to a group, though I basically created my own personal group.  I brought together a bunch my friends who are all over the spectrum about my books from those that hate them to those that love them and everything in between.

Do you outline your story or just go where your muse takes you?
I don’t go crazy with any outlining, though I will write down some structure here and there if for no other reason than not forget ideas.

What is your writing process? Do you listen to music or do you like silence?
I find both works.  Music can be great to help fuel my writing fires, but silence can also be a great environment since it removes all outside influences.

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
Google Play and Lerue Press

What kinds of marketing [twitter, Facebook, blog, forums] are you    involved with for promoting your book(s)?
My community manager has me on everything. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin etc. She is in charge of promoting my book all across social media platforms.

Do you find it difficult to juggle your time between marketing your current book and writing your next book?
Fortunately, I have a community manager that I can depend on doing all the marketing for me. My focus is to write and I am about to begin writing my next novel in the next few weeks that is outside of the dark fantasy genre. My goal is to have it done in six months, so it will be a good challenge for myself.

Author bio:
Sean Kinsley was born in Reno, Nevada and is currently resides there. He was a host on a radio station for several months before switching to television. After high school, Sean had a public access TV show that ran for several years where he directed, acted and edited.

Moving on, he now provides artwork for websites and other various projects in addition to "Pick Me, Pick Me and Monte's Lost Colony, a full color hardcover children's book released in 2008. Wicked Tides is his first novel. Beyond writing, he would like to direct and make movies in the future.

Sean Kinsley is the author of the dark fantasy novel Wicked Tides and illustrator of the children's book Pick Me, Pick Me and Monte's Lost Colony. He has just recently finished the first draft of the sequel to Wicked Tides called Wrathful Echoes. He appears on the radio frequently and does graphic on the side. He will begin writing his next novel in a few weeks while Wrathful Echoes goes through the publishing process. 

New Release Price .99: A DANGEROUS SEASON by Olivia Hardin



The characters of Bend-Bite-Shift and For Love of Fae all converge in A Dangerous Season (For Love of Fae Trilogy Book Three)


A Dangerous Season- Olivia


* iTunes * Barnes & Noble * Kobo


Pain, joy, death, life, magic: All of it fits. Or does it…
The faery realm is in a frenzy now that the Women on the Hill are no longer united in power. The fabric of life as the fae know it is changing, and with it the dynamics of friends, lovers and neighbors.
Devan will risk both her life and Kent’s love to locate her missing father. Nicky must follow Gerry headfirst into danger as she runs from the new demons within herself. Doc and Jill choose an ally in the cold war between faery factions as Robin struggles to help McKenna recover from a loss that could cripple her forever. Kristana and Langston seek answers and follow a ghost into enemy territory, while Rooney confronts the challenges of Belle’s growing powers and the path revealed for their lives.

A collision of forces could create a new order between the faery and human realms, but will everyone survive the fallout of the cataclysm?

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Want to win a $25.00 gift card from Amazon? How about a copy of the boxed set: "Lovers' Lane: The Sweetheart Collection." This collection of romances feature NY Times & USA Today bestselling author, SANDRA EDWARDS, USA Today bestselling author, REGINA DUKE and bestselling author, DEBRA ELIZABETH.

Immerse yourself in these stories and let the all your cares float away. Be sure to enter the contest for a chance to win a gift card or a copy of the collection.

New release SALE price: ONLY .99 for nine stories of romance that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Amazon buy link:


Sandra Edwards
A marriage of convenience between tabloid journalist Camille Chandler and wealthy playboy Julian de Laurent turns into something much more in this Cinderella-like romance from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sandra Edwards.

Debra Elizabeth
June 25 was supposed to be the best day of Jessica Blackstone's life, but a tragic family accident sends her life into a tailspin. She retreats to the family beach cottage for some much needed solace. John Smith has been burnt by love, that is, until he meets the beautiful and fragile Jessica. Can these two lost souls find love and heal their fractured hearts?

Regina Duke
Terri Baker is through with men! But her abusive ex-boyfriend has other ideas. Meanwhile, she is grieving for her beloved German shepherd. She heads for the Grand Canyon to get away from it all. Three men are chasing her. One wants her money. One wants her life. And one wants her heart.

Russ Camino is a bounty hunter with a haunted past. He made a promise that he must keep, and he has no time for women. Not even when he meets one who makes his pulse race. When he discovers that the hit man he is following is after Terri, he knows that he must protect her at all costs.

Debra Elizabeth
Isabel Knott learns the father she never knew has left her a fortune. The news comes with one restriction—she can never reveal his name. When Isabel falls in love with Colby Tisbury, heir to the Tisbury fortune, she’s forced to make an impossible choice - reveal her secret identity and bring shame to her true father or lose Colby forever.

Sandra Edwards
After being burned by love, Brit Sara Bronson heads to America, where she finds new love in the arms of the oh-so-sexy firefighter, Clay Darlington.

Regina Duke
Wedding plans are well along, but Terri hates the plans and hates the planner! She has adopted a German shepherd, but he thinks he belongs to Russ (her future husband), and Russ's two shepherds are not happy about it. Although Russ is the man of Terri's dreams, her future father-in-law is turning into the man of her nightmares. Her job may be in danger as well. Now one phone call throws her life into turmoil. Something has happened to Russ!

Debra Elizabeth
Caroline Fleming had a perfect life -- a loving husband, 2 great kids, a beautiful mansion to live in -- or so she thought. When her husband of 23 years announces he wants a divorce, Caroline's perfect world crumbles in an instant. She swears off men until she meets a sexy stranger running on the beach. Could this be her second chance at love?

Regina Duke
After a comical FAcebook blooper, Calin Holliday must find herself a temporary cowboy fiance for the weekend. That's where Derek Longley comes into the picture. His future and his reputation are on the line, but little does he know that fate has some surprises in store. And so does Cupid!

Sandra Edwards
Three Sisters. Three stories. Three Missed Opportunities. All it takes is the prospect of one wedding to call up the ghosts from the past--something everyone's been trying to avoid for twenty-five years.

GIVEAWAY: Enter to win.
$25.00 Amazon gift card
Digital copy of Sweetheart Collection (5 copies available)

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Book Tour Blast: JUST DESSERTS by Tawdra Kandle


When her friend Julia needed help forming a revenge plan against her ex-boyfriend, Ava was happy to lend a hand. She never expected that in the course of making Liam pay, she'd be the one to fall hard. . .for the one person who was absolutely off-limits. Crushing on the guy who humiliated her best friend is definitely against the girl code. Besides, Ava has goals. Her life is all about graduating with honors and landing the perfect job. And Liam Bailey—sweet-talking, complicated son of a well-known local politician—isn't part of those plans. But Liam doesn't give up easily. And he doesn't intend to let their friends' opinions, his parents' disapproval or Ava's past get in the way of what he wants--Ava's heart.

Buy the book:

Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Smashwords/iBooks



About the Author

Tawdra Kandle has been a writer since the invention of the pen. Her first published work appeared in Child's Life magazine when she was 13. After a brief, thirty-year hiatus, she published a young adult quartet, The King Series. More recently, she's released contemporary and paranormal romances in both the adult and New Adult genres. Tawdra lives in central Florida with her husband and children, of both skin and fur types. And yes, she has purple hair.

Follow Tawdra:

  Follow the tour here!

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New #Romance Release: SECOND CHANCE BRIDE by Sandra Edwards

SecondChanceBrideBannerSecond-Chance-Bride resized

After being jilted, practically at the altar, Genie Wainwright heads to Hawaii to escape the well-meant pity party her friends and family are bound to throw on her behalf. What she never expects is to find someone to help her mend her broken heart. Donnie Taylor, owner of the posh Sapphire Bay Resort, has no interest in marriage—until he meets an unforgettable guest at the hotel. What starts out as a kindhearted gesture brings Donnie something he never expects—love!
Buy on:
Amazon | B&N  
 iTunes (Preorder on Aug 15th)

About the author:

Author Sandra EdwardsNEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sandra Edwards writes award-winning romance in a variety of subgenres such as paranormal (mostly time travel and reincarnation), contemporary, and suspense. She lives in the U.S. (west coast) with her husband, two kids, four dogs and one very temperamental feline. Sandra's books often push the envelope and step outside the boundaries of conventional romance. For more info on Sandra's books, visit her website at

Sign up for Sandra's NEW RELEASE ALERT at

Follow Sandra:

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Read the Reviews:
 Mama's Got Flair 
 My Mismatched World For Him and My Family 
 The Mama Chronicles 
 Totally Random Family Gal 
 Niki's Book Blog 

Enter to win a $25 Amazon GC from the Author. Open INT 18+, fill out the form to enter. 
Ends 8/10/14 @ 11:59 PM EST 

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Book Tour Blast: JADED by Michelle Bellon

jaded RD PBT banner

To what lengths will a man go for the woman he loves? Reed Dartmouth will learn the answer to those questions time and time again throughout his relationship with Jade Montgomery. When he first meets her as a young, gentle boy the heartache from losing his mother only a year before is still fresh and painful. Jade is different from anyone else he’s ever met; tough, sassy, and even a bit cruel. But she’s also the same as he is: she knows what it’s like to lose a parent. 

Their friendship begins and a bond like no other is formed. Time passes and Reed learns that not only are Jade’s parents dead, they were murdered and she’s made an oath to one day bring them justice. No matter the price. As they grow older their love evolves but for Jade, old habits die hard and she can’t stop hurting those she loves the most. Even in the midst of searching for her parents’ killers, passion ignites and jealousy burns as Jade tests Reed’s devotion for her. Will she push him too far?

Buy on Amazon



Michelle BellonAbout the author:

Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their four children. She drinks ungodly amounts of coffee and has an addiction to chapstick. She works at a surgery center as a registered nurse and in her spare time writes novels. She writes in the genres of romance suspense, young adult, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. She has won three literary awards.

Website | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | LinkedIn

Check out Michelle's Other Books
Rogue Alliance-coverHisSalvation_CVR_Finalembracing-noir

Interview with Christopher Gray

Are you a romantic?
Despite my affinity for gadgets and electronics, I have an affinity for old things. I admire classic architecture, antique furniture, and the old parts of cities.

Do you listen to music when you're writing?
About 50% of the time I listen to music while writing, but usually instrumental, like Jazz or Ambient.

Tell us about your latest release.
I’m fascinated by current theories on quantum computing and the idea of multiple universes, so my novel Dark Nights deals with those realities. In order to keep things interesting to non-SF fans, I have a healthy dose of character exposition and down-to-earth political intrigue and action.

The characters include a corporate executive that craves power and is willing to sacrifice others to get it, a brilliant scientist who becomes a reluctant hero, his love interest, and a veteran secret agent who, in order to save his world, must commit grave acts against his conscience. And of course, the quantum supercomputer is also a major character, whose actions affect every human being in existence.

What have you got coming soon for us to look out for?
A sequel to “Dark Nights.”

Which Star Trek or Star Wars character are you most like?
I’d like to think I’m a cross between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, an adventurer with a logical mind. For Star Wars, Han Solo is the guy.

Favorite season? Why?
I like late Summer/early Fall. The temperature is rarely hot, yet it is warm enough to go outside and be active without having to wear a coat. Plus, the leaves turning different colors looks beautiful. It’s the perfect time of the year for walks and cycling.

The machine believed it knew best how to save humanity... even if doing so meant destroying half the population. 

Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood's unusual discovery during his observation of the sun kicks off a chain of events that nobody could have foreseen. The powerful political and military influences that compete to deal with his discovery set Lockwood on a course which will carry him across worlds, and into the grasp of a formidable new intelligence bent on accomplishing its goal at any cost. With Earth itself at stake and time running out, Lockwood and his team must find a way to counter this unprecedented threat before the powerful new enemy completes its plan. Two civilizations are pitted against each other in a desperate struggle for survival.

Buy links:


Christopher A. Gray is a professional freelance writer living in Toronto. He has been a sales agent, project manager, actor, filmmaker, comedy writer & performer and world traveler.

Christopher is giving away a $50.00 Amazon or BN gift certificate.

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Interview with Sean Sousa

Can you give us a brief overview of your latest book? Is it part of a series?
The Forever Saga: Flash is the first installment of my new science fiction adventure series. It follows Vietnam War hero Brian Renney and his grown son, Jason, as powerful enemies from Brian's past seek to eliminate him and his family for reasons unknown. While Brian struggles with war wounds, isolation, and anxiety, Jason attempts to make sense of his irritable father while trying to maintain a promising athletic career and chasing Alessa, the love of his life. With the world in danger and their family fraying at the edges, Brian and Jason find an unlikely ally in the coming conflict.

Do you have a favorite character?
There's a little bit of me in every character in Flash, but I'll go with Jason's friend, Slava. He's the outspoken, button-pushing jokester whose rough edges make him all the more endearing. We all want that friend who says the true stuff we wouldn't dare to, and drives us crazy in all the right ways. Slava is always good for a laugh, but there's a depth to him that will be explored in Flash and the rest of The Forever Saga.

Have you ever had a minor character evolve into a major one? Did that change the direction of the novel at all?
Jason Renney, without a doubt. Initially, Brian was intended to be the main focus of The Forever Saga, but there grew a father-son dynamic that I couldn't ignore. Jason represents a coming-of-age quality, the love story, and the theme of overcoming adversity. As a result, Brian and Jason became the co-protagonists of Flash - and I can't wait to tell the rest their story in future books.

Did you try the traditional route to publishing, i.e. querying agents/publishers?
When I first completed Flash back in 2007, I sent out multiple query packages to agents and publishers. Even though I got a request for the first 50 pages of my novel, multiple rejections and feedback proved to me that the novel wasn't ready at that time. My writing journey has been marked by trial and error with both seeking a major book deal, and self-publishing. Right now, I'm releasing Flash as an indie title, but my ultimate goal is to get a major publishing deal.

What advice would you give a new author just entering into the self-publishing arena?
Above all, be a person worth telling others about. At the end of the day, you're promoting who you are, whether it's a book or a status update about your overcooked breakfast (that you ate anyway because HUNGER). What we do isn't as important as who we become. In other words, you might write the best novel ever, but it will be hampered if the experience leaves you arrogant, bitter, burned out, or all of the above.

Instead, be patient. Take your time. Develop your voice. Enrich your life, and I promise, it will enrich your writing. Do all this to have fun during the process, and don't be in such a rush. Lastly, self-publish right. Get a great illustrator who can provide a cover that will stand out from the pack. Hire an editor (or two, or ten) to comb through your manuscript and remove the typos that would cause readers to roll their eyes. Connect with professionals who can help you along. If you can't afford them, launch a Kickstarter campaign and raise funds to pay them with (that's what I did). If your vision is clear enough, people will respond.

What have you’ve learned during your self-publishing journey?
Most of what I just wrote in the previous question! Writing a book is a marathon, not a sprint - but I treated it as a 100-meter dash. I thought I could outrun the problems that drag down authors, but I was wrong. I got pooped out. I've thought of quitting. But at the end of the day, Flash was too important a story to give up on. To honor the progress I'd already made, I committed to enjoying the journey and doing my writing justice.

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
I'm proudest of my marriage to my wife, Shelley. She's my best friend and biggest fan as a writer; Flash doesn't get finished if not for her. So I make a point to have time with her and enjoy life together. 

I grew up loving hockey and video games - two things that heavily influence The Forever Saga. I run an annual 24-hr video game fundraiser to benefit Children's Hospital Los Angeles, raising over $9,000 the past 3 years.

Aside from that, Pinterest can take over my life with DIY home projects - I can't walk 5 feet at home without running into a table or chair that wasn't restored, repainted, or reclaimed in some way.
Lastly and most important, I lead high school/young guys through my church. I learn so much from them, and serving makes my life so much more balanced and lively. 

Some fun facts about you, which do you prefer – Dogs or Cats? Chocolate or vanilla? Coffee or Tea?
Dogs or cats? Dogs - if we're not careful, cats will take over, and I can't allow that to happen.
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, because it's the Barbie doll of the ice cream world - you can accessorize it. Whip cream, caramel, sprinkles, M & M's…they all make vanilla look good.
Coffee or Tea? Tea. The only time I tried to like coffee was during my high school job. Straight black brew. Couldn't do it. So I added enough cream and sugar to make it essentially hot chocolate. I called myself "The Nervous Squirrel" during morning shifts.

What kinds of marketing are you involved with for promoting your book(s)?
The bulk of my marketing involves reviews and interviews, and connecting on social media: it lets me express myself creatively, and it promotes my writing. They really go hand-in-hand. Readers - feel free to Comment, Like, Follow, Tweet, Pin, Post, and Share with me!

Official Site:

Besides Amazon, are there any other sites where your books are for sale?
First off, the Flash audiobook is available now on, narrated by Chris A. Ciulla. 93 characters speak in my novel, and Chris nailed their voices, and the narrative. Can't recommend the audiobook enough. 

Readers can also find Flash in e-book at iBooks/iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

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#TPTBlast and #Excerpt: THE POINT by G. Nykanen

dark journey through madness...

Publication Date: May 30, 2014
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Befuddled by her current relationship woes, Nora Reynolds leaves college at semester’s end to drive north of nowhere to her hometown of Iron Bay. Vulnerable and on the rebound, she is the perfect prey for fledgling felon Dane Buchman. Dane takes advantage of the unaware young woman, feeding his appetite for mischief until a rather violent shift in their relationship reveals to him what he’s really been craving. Driven by his new found hunger, Dane feels unstoppable, until former high school rival and town deputy, Doug Sanders, navigates the trail of Dane’s destruction.

The Point is a dark thriller that will allow you to witness a truly dangerous sociopath wander through madness guided by a treasured family heirloom, and a pensive young woman find her way after discovering, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With echoes of the Coen brothers’ Fargo, the folksy town of Iron Bay and the nearby north-woods community of Deer Lake are the destinations for Mr. Buchman’s many misdeeds.

G. Nykanen was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This small, rural land mass seems to cultivate a wide variety of colorful characters who provide a plethora of inspiration. The Point, Nykanen’s first novel, is filled with nuances of these local characters and the landscapes one might find in the north woods. 

Well traveled thanks to her husband’s government career, she has lived in Europe and many of our United States over the last twenty years. She has recently returned home, moving back to her beloved Upper Peninsula where she resides with her husband and three children.

With The Point now completed, she will continue working on her next novel, Accumulation, along with continuing to develop other stories in the works.

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon

He wondered why she wasn’t anxious to tell him. He decided to force her hand. Dane opened the cooler and popped open a couple beers. He handed her one. She’ll cough it up now, he thought. She wouldn’t want to drink and harm the baby.
She grabbed the beer, acutely aware that she better fake drinking it or he’d be even more suspicious. With the bottle to her lips, she decided to take a drink small enough to be harmless but big enough to look legitimate.
Dane looked at her, then at the beer. He grabbed the back of her head and planted a kiss on her, driving his tongue into her mouth, verifying she’d actually drunk it.
Was I just taste tested? She knew he was suspicious.
“Wow, that was a surprise!” she exclaimed, reeling away from him.
“Just felt like I needed to break the ice,” he said as a cover.
“How about less kissing and more talking?” she suggested.
“What are we going to talk about?” he asked as he leaned in, batting his eyelashes flirtatiously.
“Why don’t you start?” she said.
Dane grew tired of this game. It wasn’t fun to play by her rules. Grabbing her abruptly, he squeezed, staring into her blue eyes. Nose to nose he held her, horror building inside of her as she watched the pupils in his dark eyes dilate; the parasite stirred.
“Say it!” he commanded.
She remained quiet, unsure of how to react.
“Say it, tell me your filthy secret,” Dane directed forcefully.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said, fear welling up inside of her. She began screaming for help.
This sudden outburst took him by surprise. For a split second he lessened his grasp to peer over her shoulder, checking to see if she’d garnered the attention of the nearby beachcombers with her screeching. 
Taking advantage of the slack in his grip, she pulled back from his grasp, pushing at his chest as she stood to run. He lost his balance and fell backward, giving her a head start. She ran, “Badger! Badger!” she shouted as she headed for the safety of the others.
She peered over her shoulder to see how close he was. She stopped cold, her steps so short and sudden that she almost toppled over. “Oh, no, no, no.” She was horrified to find Dane standing at the water's edge, sneering smugly in the distance, Badger dangling from his right fist.
Instead of chasing her when she fled, he had headed straight to the water's edge where Badger had been happily snapping at the incoming waves. Now the little dog was squirming and kicking wildly trying to break free of Dane’s grasp.