If you would like to request an author interview, please send an email to dlmartin6 AT and let me know if you are strictly an indie author or an indie/traditionally published author. This way I can send you interview questions to suit your book(s). All the questions are just suggestions, you may add/change/delete any of them.

Put "Requesting Author Interview" in the email subject line. Interviews are posted on a first-come first-serve basis and will be posted ASAP depending on the backlog of other posts for the blog. In addition to your interview spotlight page, you will also be added to the list of Author Interviews page.

Please do NOT ask me to review your book in your author interview request. I am CLOSED to review submissions.
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Rachel Abbott

- B - 
David H. Burton, Scourge

- C - 
Brendan Carroll, How Men Do It
Michaelbrent Collings - Writing Screenplays

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- E -

- F -
Susan Furlong-Bolliger

- G -

- H -
Amanda Hocking, A Year Later

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- J -

 - L -
Victorine Lieske, A Year Later
David McAfee
R.S. McCoy
Betsy Miller
Maureen Miller, Charlotte Examiner
Maureen Miller, 1 Year Later

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- P -

- Q -
Imogen Rose, Quantum
Imogen Rose, Faustine

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